Sunday, December 22, 2013


Taking on the life of risk and merging it with the soul.
A world of consciousness.
A world of sacrifice.
The new era of fashion.

The dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately. 

Dropping 12.31.13. Available for 96 hours only.

Design by @NatalieCherie
Photography by @tessaswag
Rings by @pmtjewelry

Stay tuned for details.



Prelamode is the official platform to keep up with your favorite high-end fashion brands. Having a Prelamode account allows you to stay up to speed with the fashion houses you're interested in with anything from new collections, new stores, sales, collaborations, etc.

Your friends can follow your "closet" where they have access to see what you're into and what you've been buying. People can be influenced by and follow your closets and you can follow whoever's closet's you're into.

Right now Prelamode is only for the high end fashion accounts, but will eventually expand into all fashion realms. The benefits of this new innovative platform is a chance for brands to focus on connecting with their consumers first hand. What I love most about this site is with Facebook becoming more commercial by the update, Prelamode is a place for all true fashion lovers to unite and stay in-the-know in a more official and exclusive way.

Eventually, corporations will be able to upload themselves at their own speed and directly to


Friday, December 20, 2013

The Devil Is A Lie | Remix by Wave Chapelle

19 he's killing shit, give him an applause. 
Wave Chapelle aka Wave came out of the cut with an immediate remix of The Devil Is A Lie, Rick Ross and Jay's latest track that dropped yesterday. Wave is only 19 and coming out swangin, just sharp.  The production speaks for itself.