Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Success.

It's Monday, and the office is dead, but trust me, there's no shortage of work to get done. Abby is gone on a Eurotrip, and I don't know what life is like without her. I guess I have to start paying for lunch. And Fashionaunta is in Los Angeles, working on a press shoot with Ok! Magazine featuring Kim Kardashian and Mark Badgley and James Mischka, promoting their new line "Mark & James".

I am happy and proud to say that Fashionieceta Freekend round three was a success! Geri (our favorite cousin), gave me the keys to her apartment while she went on vacation from Thursday to Sunday. Thursday night was all about me, and boy, did I love it. I roamed the streets of New York City by myself around 9:30 p.m. trying to figure out what I should eat. Pizza. All I wanted was pizza. Since when do you have to walk eight blocks to get some New York pizza?! I was simply shocked, but hey, it was obviously worth it. And with the pizza out here, walking eight blocks to get the pizza shouldn't make anyone feel bad about eating it afterwards... They earned it! The night unintentionally ended by 10:30, with me falling asleep to Chelsea Lately.

I wish I could tell you I was blessed with beautiful summer weather on Friday, but it seems as though New York just couldn't pull it together thanks to Hurricane Danny. I took advantage of the day by going around the corner to pick up a late breakfast, and lounging around in the cozy apartment by myself listening to the rain. Later, Model Jon accompanied me to Forever 21. After Forever 21, we wound up at a burger place and ordered dinner to go. While walking out of the restaurant, there were two men on the ground, fighting. The man with his back on the sidewalk was ripping the hair out of the head of the man that was on top of him. There were three girls screaming for them to stop, and everyone else just stood and watched as if they were watching WWF on television. Once again, New York keeping it classy.

Later that night, I was beyond thrilled to see one of my best friends from home, Tessa. Tessa has just arrived and moved to New York to attend Fordham College in Manhattan. Fortunately enough for me, it is yet another familiar face, and close friend from home to join me in my Fashionieceta adventures. I am continuously grateful for this and look forward to seeing what comes out of being 3,000 miles away from our homes on the opposite coast, starting a new chapter of our lives together.

I used Saturday as a day to relax and do some catching up with another friend from home, Lorin. Lorin and I grabbed lunch at a place called Elmo, which is located in Chelsea. When asking the portion size of what Lorin wanted to eat, our waiter responded, "It's not that big, it's about two bites. This is Chelsea, people want you to starve yourself." She ordered it anyway. I spent time with my other friend, the one who almost clocked two hours in Bed, Bath & Beyond, who is also located in Chelsea. Seeing him was a pleasure as always, and yet another familiar face from back home.

Later that night, I roamed Central Park, only to find Paul Van Dyk, a famous techno DJ, spinning in the middle of the park. It was a relatively small venue, and I stood behind it, listening for only a few minutes due to the fact that I was going to see District 9 twenty minutes from then. District 9 was vulgar in many ways, but somehow captivating at the same time. If it does well enough, I do believe there will be a sequel. However, I am so glad that our world is not nearly as similar to the plot in that film.

Yesterday was so great! I met up with Model Jon and his roommate Lars, and we went to Central Park and sat by an enormous fountain and watched people boat in a hidden pond that I have never seen in my eighteen years of coming to New York. It was relaxing fun. On our way to exit that portion of the park, we were stopped and intrigued by three entertainers that were getting ready to start their show. Not only were they hilarious, providing their audience with plenty of laughter, but they were also extremely talented.

We then proceeded to meet up with my other cousin, Stevie, and we all went shopping at Urban Outfitters. I have to say, I did pretty well for myself. The rest of the evening was spent having fun, playing games, and being youthful, as we should be! I must say, the freekend was QUITE a success.

Rest In Paradise Adam Goldstein.
I would like to take the time to express how grateful I am for the opportunities, guidance, and friendship Adam Goldstein provided a close family member of mine with.
My heart and condolences go out to the family and friends of Adam.

To a talented, young, and gentle soul.
May he Rest in Peace.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fashionieceta Wed: Week 3

I wish that I could stay calm and collected for this one, but I'm simply too excited. Fashionaunta and I were walking towards the office and I saw a huge light in the middle of the street. Walking into our building, we saw that there was something being filmed directly in front of the office. When I asked Herman, the lobby doorman, if he knew what was going on, he told me they were filming 'Ugly Betty'. One of my FAVORITE shows! Freaking. Out.

On the way back from getting coffee in the lobby across the street, Mr. Lobby was behind his desk. "Is it warmer in here today?" he asked. I told him I was only walking through today because it's going to be 90 degrees. His reply, "Oh, so now you're taking advantage, huh?"-- Exactly, Mr. Lobby, you know me so well.

There have been clothing items and merchandise sitting around the office, along with the PR closet being completely congested since before I arrived at Iconix. So, today was the big clean up day. Sounds boring, right? To be honest, it really wasn't. That's probably because I got a lot of nice things in the process. I haven't had a new bathing suit in three years and today I was allowed to take really cute Rampage bathing suits that are adorable. Too bad summer is coming so close to its end. I'm very grateful for everything that I'm able to take home today! Yet another plus to working at Iconix.

Today there was a pizza party for an intern's last day. Personally, I've never seen her since I've been here, but I can't complain because I got to eat my first slice of New York pizza since my arrival. Fashionaunta decided that since the whole office was together, it would be a good opportunity to have a creative meeting about London Fog and Charisma. Just as this conversation died down, we had a special guest walk in! None other than the Big Man himself. Now, I was told not to write about this, but where is the fun in this if I don't tell you things I'm not allowed to? Somehow over our pizza discussion, a co-worker mentioned that there are laws in each state about how much nipple and how much buttcrack you're allowed to show legally. Interesting. The Big Man wasn't included in this conversation...

The majority of the rest of my day here at Iconix was spend working on the PR closet and returns from magazines. However, Abby decided to take me across the street to the next avenue to the Badgley Mischka showroom. We went there to pick out dresses that can be gifted to celebrities at our fashion show. When we arrived, Sandra Lee was hugging an employee goodbye. I only learned of Sandra Lee a few days ago, so I really wasn't familiar with who she was when she was in front of me not too long ago.

It's about 5:45 and I just got back to the office. Currently waiting for Fashionaunta to say the words so we can head back to Long Island.

Just a heads up, I'm staying in my lovely cousin Geri's apartment in NYC while she goes out of town this weekend. I sincerely hope that my peers make Fashionieceta Freekend 3 the best yet. No pressure.

Until tomorrow.

XXO- Fashionieceta.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fasionieceta Tuesday. Week 3

Walking out of the building this morning on my way to get Fashionaunta coffee, I ran into the Big Man for the first time in nearly two weeks. To my surprise he asked how the Fashionieceta was doing. I replied "It's going well!" and informed him that I saw his big picture in the New York Times on page B9.

On the way to the get Fashionaunta's coffee, I pass the same guy who works his donut and coffee stand on the corner of 41st and 7th every day. Today he greeted by taking his cell off of his ear and putting it to his chest to say "Goodmorning babe! How's it goin'?" --Whoa dude, getting a little too comfortable. Fashionieceta doesn't roll that way, sorry. When I entered the shop, the big Greek man asked me how I was doing, and I'm proud to say I no longer have to order! He now has Fashionaunta's two decaf hazelnut coffee's with skim milk ready in no time. Because Mr. Coffee Stand got so comfortable with his words, I decided to walk through the lobby today. Typically I avoid it because it's equivalent, in my opinion, to walking through the North Pole. Sitting behind the desk was a young, cute guy with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. As I walked by he smiled, and I asked him if it could possibly get a little colder in the lobby. His reply, "If you want it to." ...And Mr. Lobby gets bonus points.

My task from Abby today was to re-open 100 envelopes that had a cute Op dress located in each of them, slip a Seventeen freebie letter in them, seal the envelopes, and label them with an address. If you didn't catch on, these dresses are being sent to 100 winners of the Seventeen Magazine freebie contest.

In the middle of this, I grabbed lunch with yet another friend from home, Jon, who just arrived yesterday. He doesn't call himself a model, but "he models". He's out here going to casting calls, building a portfolio, and waiting to book a few shows in Fashion Week. I have no doubt that he'll succeed here. It was nice to have someone I'm familiar with be outside of my office in an instant to grab lunch and spend some time together in the city I am longing to call my new home. An hour flew by and it was time to go fix 80 more freebies.

Today ended early. Fashionaunta and I returned to Long Island around the time we're usually being farted on by old women on the bus home. I'm now staring out of my bedroom window at this gorgeous sunset on the Long Island sound. Be jealous.

Until tomorrow!

XXO- Fashionieceta.

OK! Filet

Yesterday morning had an exciting, interesting, and a very beneficial start to my day. I was fortunate enough to sit in on a meeting between Iconix and OK! Magazine. In the meeting included; the Editor in Chief, Sarah Ivens, the publisher, the Managing Editor from London, and a few fashion editors. I believe the purpose of the meeting was to establish a better communication system and deeper relationship between the two corporations. OK!'s magazine attracts readers mainly from ages 18 to 34, which gives them more interest in working with Iconix. In the meeting they discussed possible exclusive parties that Iconix could let OK! press into, and OK! had events that could possibly be sponsored by Iconix brands, or people dressed in Iconix brand clothing. The way everyone spoke so happily and smoothly kept me very interested, and being in a room with so many talented and successful people was encouraging to me without them even knowing it.

After the meeting, the other intern, Jessica and I started to label the invitations. There was nothing else to do except bond and have her give me the low-down on 'One Tree- Hill', considering I have never seen an episode in my life and this show is "what she lives for." The piles of invites were organized by New York, Out of State, China, Out of the Country, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Neiman Marcus. '' Lunch was taken in the middle of labeling invites, and we were joined by a friend of Jessica's. It was a nice lunch, but the weather here is a killer.

When I returned to the office, I ran to get fashionaunta spaghetti with meatballs. The man behind the counter rolled his eyes at me due to the fact that my order was this: Spaghetti with meatballs, drain the pasta, extra sauce on the side, with one side of parmesan cheese, and another of oregano. Thankfully, and to my surprise, they nailed the order and it was perfect. I ran back up to the office and handed her the complex lunch. Mind you, she had just gotten back from lunch with Tom Florio, the publisher of Vogue, at The Four Seasons.

A little later, everyone was called into the conference room to have a discussion about who the next candidates could possibly be for the new Op cast. We need to replace Anna-Lynne, Sophia, Solange, Bow Wow, Brody, Cody, and Joel. I'll start giving out hints of possible replacements once I do my job of snooping.

After work, I joined a few family members and my amazing cousin Geri for dinner to celebrate Geri's 26th birthday! I stuffed myself with french fries and filet mignon, which only left me knocking out in the back of the car on the ride back to Long Island.

Until later!

XXO- Fashionieceta.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fashionieceta Freekend: 2

Friday was refreshing. After spending some quality time with the most loving and wisest family members, I went to the city to meet up with one of my best friends. Once I got to the lower east side, I entered the apartment and realized it was an old middle school friends' place. Even though I was covered in sweat due to the New York humidity, I was relieved to be with people from home in my favorite city, The Big Apple. They provided me with everything I needed; music, singing, and most importantly, laughter.

Saturday morning, I walked to the yellow line and took the N train to 42nd and Broadway, right next to my office. I waited for Bubbie (my grandmother) in Starbucks, seeing NYC the quietest I believe I have ever seen it. We took a bus to Toms River, New Jersey, where my 93 year-old Great Grandfather, Harry, picked us up in his new Acura. Now, I'm the biggest driving critic some will ever meet. I would have to say that Gramps did really well behind the wheel for being seven years shy of 100 years-old.

We pulled up to the house that I have not been to in five years. It was exactly as I had remembered it, just smaller. I walked in the door and smelled the unforgettable smell of Chicken Cacciatore taking over the house. Before I could finish my sentence, my Nanny Marian came running over to me and started hugging me and started yelling the same thing that she does every time I come to her house and every time we speak on the phone, "You took your first steps right here in this kitchen, I remember it! Don't you ever forget it! This kitchen right here!"

Now, this is my Italian side of the family. So at 1pm, we sat down for dinner. I was wondering why Nanny kept calling it dinner, but when I saw the kitchen, I saw enough food to feed us until the sun went down. We had salad, bread, bruschetta, chicken cacciatore, and pasta with home made Italian gravy. And then desert came. Two different types of cakes, a plate of pastries, a bowl of grapes, a bowl of watermelon, a bowl of Jell-o, and coffee. When I got up I felt imbalanced and thought I was going to pull a narcoleptic move and pass out standing up. I returned to Long Island and assured my family that there was no need for me to be fed for the next few days.

Sunday, I went back into the city and met up with my cousin, Stevie and I had only mentioned the fact that I was starving 800 times. We wound up at CPK, mainly because of the fact that we already knew what we wanted. However, Stevie took it upon herself to browse through the menu, stalling to put our order in, taking another 10 minutes. She ordered the first thing that she originally wanted. Cute.

We then started to walk in the direction of her place on 74th and west end from 60th and 3rd. While cutting through Central Park, we started to pass the Drum Circle. Passing the Drum Circle became dropping our bags and dancing until we noticed that the sun was starting to go down. We started walking until Stevie pulled me in another direction and brought me to a group of people that she started dancing with for fun a few years ago. I sat, because sweating in skinny jeans after dancing for 45 minutes is not what I consider ideal. Somehow, Stevie succeeded to pull me in and almost instantaneously I mastered the line dances that everyone was doing in the middle of the park. We stayed for a little over an hour, but I never would have known because at that moment in time, I had never felt so happy and free, dancing my ass off in the middle of Central Park.

Until next time.

XXO- Fashionieceta.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

C'mon Vogue

On Thursday I went with Abby and the other intern, Jessica to Condé Nast. You know, the building that 'The Devil Wears Prada" is based off of? We went there for breakfast, and I almost felt like it was awkward that they had such a nice cafeteria and that people actually eat in there, considering a hefty amount starve themselves (no pun intended). We met with Ashley, the Fashion Manager of Advertising of Teen Vogue. Our breakfast talk somehow went from being about her profession to talk about child birth. Weird, but humorous. During our tour, we saw the Teen Vogue Editor, Amy Astley's office. It looked like heaven with perfectly white carpet and a grown up tea party looking set up. Not to mention, it was ridiculously large. After the tour, Abby, Jessica, and I sat down and flipped through this month's issue of Teen Vogue and went over how advertisements are set up. It's great to read an amazing magazine, but even greater to know what goes into the making of it.

When we got back to the office, I worked on the Op closet and set up clothes that are being sent to a Wal-Mart Celebrity Golf Tournament for charity in Pebble Beach. As I was organizing the clothes, Tara told me that Yehuda wanted me to come down to the fourth floor. The first thing that came to mind was that I was in trouble for finding enormous humor in the fact that Abby told Ed Hardy that Yehuda was covered in tattoos. To my surprise, I went down to the conference room and there was Yehuda, joined by Ed Hardy, telling me to pick which poster I wanted him to sign. --Very cool, very nice.

For lunch, Jessica and another worker, Cory and I got lunch at the café downstairs. I figured it would be nice to get the three of us together considering we are the youngest and the newest at Iconix. Cory treated us to fro-yo and it is safe to say that I broke my Tasti D Lite virginity with a snickers flavor covered in Heath Bar.

The rest of the day was spent doing bitch work for people in need. Filing archives, sticking brand names and labels on file cabinets. I can't complain because I technically am their bitch!

However, fashionaunta got us a town car home today. No old woman fart, score.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hearst Attack

Today Ed Hardy came to the 8th floor to have a meeting with the big man, Mr. Cole and a few others. After the meeting, Ed himself came into the PR office where I was working on the INVITE ME folder, and introduced himself to me and Jess, another woman who works in PR.
He then ran into Abby in the halls and they started talking about tattoos due to the fact that Ed Hardy is covered in them. Ed was joined by Iconix's EVP of Business Development, Yehuda, who wears a yamacha to work. As many people know, Jewish people are not permitted to tat themselves, and clearly Yehuda is religious.
Abby to Ed, "Oh, I don't have any, but Yehudah is covered in them." Abby never fails.

At 11:30 I was lucky enough to go on a personal tour of the Hearst building with Kate, the Executive Fashion Director of Cosmopolitan Magazine. The Hearst Building is New York City's first "green" building and is breath taking( Kate went above and beyond in our tour and I was taken aback by the view from the 44th floor. We then went to the Cosmopolitan floor and met a few staff members, all of them being very kind. I stepped into the fashion closet which nearly put me out of breath with all of the glamorous clothing and shoes that resided in there. After our tour, Kate treated Abby and me to lunch in the Hearst Building's cafeteria. Now, this is not your average cafeteria. There is gourmet food being prepared on every wall, and a variety of different foods. Not to mention the killer deserts. Overall, the experience was one of a kind and working in the Hearst building seems to be a huge honor.

Back at the office after lunch I worked on the INVITE ME folder until Abby and I went to the Badgley Mischka showroom to pick out 15 dresses to be in the background of the show "The City". I wanted every single dress! I came back to the office and worked on the INVITE ME folder until it was time to leave.

The bus that fashionaunta and I take back to Long Island is one of those luxury buses with plenty of seats that are never filled. I was sitting in the second row, when an old woman sat next to me. Never in my life has anyone sat next to me on a bus so big. As bothered as I was, I didn't say a word. For two hours this woman was leaning over me talking to her two friends in the front row. I had no elbow room to read the Cosmopolitan that Kate was kind enough to give me. I was very annoyed. I saw the woman look down, puzzled, but I figured it was nothing... until I smelled it. She fucking farted.

That's it, tomorrow we're taking a limo.

Until tomorrow.

XXO- Fashionieceta.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rolling with Us

Today has been really entertaining! Because Abby is the Media Manager and more, she helps my aunt buy placement ads in magazines for Iconix brands...and gets a lot of free lunch. At 12:30, Abby and I left to go meet Ryan, the Home Furnishings Director at House Beautiful magazine, for lunch at the Rockefeller Center. We ate at Bar 30 which was modeled as House Beautiful's Kitchen of the Year. We discussed House Beautiful magazine and gossiped over lobster rolls, and virgin strawberry daiquiri's. I didn't know that a staff member from a magazine that works on houses could be simply amazing. And immediately I understood why Abby called him her NBF: New Best Friend.

Not to make the day any cooler or anything, Abby called her roommate who works at the offices of Us Weekly magazine and Rolling Stone magazine. She asked if we could take a quick, sporadic tour, and to my luck, our wish was granted! The building was very nice. However, because their newest issue is due to come out tomorrow, the majority of staff was absent because they worked themselves until 11p.m. the night before. As I walked around there were enlarged paparazzi and red carpet pictures hung on all of the walls and even inside people's office walls. Some were old, some were new, but all of them were great. Walking through the offices, I saw more than enough Twilight spreads than I could handle. We ran into Abby's other friend, Mark, who is the Senior Staff Writer at Us Weekly. When Abby asked him to tell me the gist of his day, his response is, "Umm, I walk around, gossip with everyone, go to lunch, come back and check my Facebook status."-- Love it.

Coming back to the office, I worked on the INVITE ME folder and learned how to use a system on Tara's computer that makes everyones lives a little bit easier. At 5:30, I left work to reunite with a friend from home that came to New York to attend her first year at Eugene Lang. My cousin Geri came to meet us.

I broke off with Geri to go relax in her air conditioned apartment since this New York heat is just about unbearable. An hour later, we decided to go eat dinner. We walked across Union Square and sat down at a restaurant that was so noisy we couldn't even hear each other speak. So over her buffalo salad, and my buffalo chicken wings, we focused on the guy and girl sitting directly next to us. We were curious to know if they were on a date, so we listened for clues. The guy was over enthusiastic and acted way too interested in what the girl was saying. I looked at her, then looked at him, and noticed the awkwardness. She started talking about how her ex-boyfriend dumped her because she isn't Jewish and he replied telling her that was ridiculous and his parents don't care who he dates. And then, the winner line that answered our question from the over enthusiastic guy was, "I'm so nervous!" Nice.

The best part of their meal was when they got the check and she reached for her purse.
"No, no, I've got it!" the guy said.
The girl replied, "Are you sure?"
The guy shook his head and said "Yeah, no worries, I'll pay."
"Aw, thank you," said the girl.

The guy pulled out a $50.00 gift certificate to the restaurant and stuck it in the check holder.

Keep it classy, New York.

Until next time..

XXO- Fashionieceta.


Didn't we learn in junior high school that inviting yourself to exclusive parties is just a little weird? I have personally never felt right simply inviting myself anywhere. However, PR has a whole binder dedicated to the Badgley Mischka fashion show for people who request invitations for themselves and other people. Sometimes their lists are 20 people long! Not only do they request an invitation for themselves, they request invitations for photographers and backstage access. Oh, and to make it better, they tell you where they want to be seated. RELAX people. The big man, Mr. Cole, and PR decide where you sit, and you should be grateful enough that you get to walk into that tent. Let's face it, if you have to ask for an invite, you're really not that big of a deal.

The highlight of my day yesterday was lunch with the PR group and new intern! We were treated to a delicious lunch and discussed the schedule and priorities that we have up until Fashion Week. SO EXCITING! What other eighteen year old girl gets to work in Fashion Week her first summer out of high school? None.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fashionieceta Freekend

They say time flies when you're having fun, and I'm having a blast. Friday was your Fashionieceta's first day of the weekend, and I doubt it's what you expected. You wouldn't expect a Fashionaunta to own two peking ducks, would you? Well, she does. So Friday, after I woke up at 10a.m. instead of 7a.m., I joined her on her search for a new pool and feeding fish for Daffy and Lily (the two ducks). Not something you would expect me to tell you after the week of work I had, is it? To be honest, I wouldn't have picture myself doing it either.

In the midst of our duck necessity hunt, I found the most adorable little guinea pig I have ever laid eyes on. I named him Rasta and have kept him in my heart since.

For the rest of the day, I took full advantage of the pool and sun and finally transformed from a pasty white, to a nice glow.

Saturday was my first adult night out in NYC. This was the start of the days I have been anticipating my entire life. I got dressed up, and ready to go out with my cousin who is two years my senior. We ended up on St. Marks Place, starving. As a result, we went to a newer Japanese restaurant that looked like it could have been some kind of night club. When we asked the waitress what type of soda's they carried, her response was "The regular kinds." At that moment, I almost lost all class and slapped her pad of paper out of her hands. Struggling, I asked her kindly to name them. We ordered the most adult like drink; orange soda.

After our meal, we meandered around the area. We stopped at 2nd avenue & 10th to see one of the most obscure things I have ever seen in person. There were six people in the back of an art cluttered truck that were half naked, or covered in paint splattered or ripped up clothing. At first glance anyone could swear that these people were the farthest thing from sober. Around us were artists planted in front of the scene with they're paper, water colors, pastels, pencils, and crayons. I then whipped out my Nikon D300 and started to take pictures. As the people in character started moving, it became it's own show. Out of the six artists, they ranged in age from early twenties to a seventy year old man. When I noticed the old man, I wanted to regurgitate my Japanese dinner and orange soda. Unfortunately, his not so precious jewels were hanging out of his costume. It became its own comedy show mixed with art. The more these people posed in obscene ways, the more pictures I took.

The original photographer had clarified that these people were 100% sober and asked me to e-mail him the pictures I took due to his camera being out of service and out of the state. He mentioned that he would like to use my pictures for the company website. I'm flattered! During these three hours, my cousin and I befriended a striving director, and three European visitors that we instantly had a very enjoyable time with. After the show, we walked along 2nd avenue until we saw a stranger that could take our group picture. It turns out that this stranger was locked out of his friends apartment until he returned. So, out of the kindness of our hearts we invited him to coffee with us. We sat at Duncan Donuts as a group of seven in what seemed to be a little bit of an awkward conversation with the new guy who came off as if he was picking apart everything we said. Not to our surprise, a few minutes later, he had an excuse to leave. We carried on as our spunky group and laughed our asses off about stale donuts and my cousins attempt to learn Italian.

Then, straight out of the movie 'Never Been Kissed', our estranged stranger friend walked by Duncan Donuts again in the direction of where he found him, but this time with his own little clique. We all acknowledged his presence and said his name in an enthusiastic manner. He looked at us as if he were Guy and we were the Denominators that he could never associate himself with. Funny how that works, right?

Sunday morning was the hottest morning I have ever dealt with in my life and schlepping an overnight bag around New York City was not what I consider ideal in 95 degrees. One thing I have to get used to; New York weather. Bloomingdales on 59th and Lexington was where I made the switch from one cousin to the next and it was also a place where I could escape the scorching heat and finally have a sense of proper breathing.

Later on Sunday, I met up with a friend that I haven't seen for a while. He just recently moved to New York and has his first place to himself. In search for a love sack (a large beanbag), we conveniently found ourselves next to a Bed, Bath & Beyond. The purpose of our entry was for necessities only. Now, obviously a fashionieceta loves to shop for almost anything, and shopping for a new place is exciting! However, my male friend acted as if he were a crazed woman in a sample sale. It got to the point where I had to physically guide him out of the store before we clocked two hours. It's okay, we all have our moments.

When we got back to his place, we merged with five other friends of his and they made me feel right at home. It was the perfect Sunday night to watch Entourage and Family Guy and prepare for my second week of work starting the next day.

Not too bad for my first weekend in the Fashionieceta world.

Until later.

XXO- Fashionieceta.


more pictures to be posted later.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Highest Bidder

The Badgley Mischka Spring 2010 Collection show is September 15 in Bryant Park. How do I know this? From 10am to 3pm your Fashionieceta was stuffing and stamping the invitations. The sensation of slipping the invite into the envelope and sealing it with an over-sized glue stick was a little bit overwhelming for me.

Ok, seriously, what person wants to spend five hours putting invitations together? I understand that someone needs to do it, and being the intern, that puts me first in line. But do you guys really think that the I would let you down? There are 2,000 invitations total, and Tara told me we would only stamp 1,700. With that said, I figured I would swipe a few invitations for some of my personal guests. Oh yes, I did.

Finally, I'm rescued by my aunt to start a new project of the day with only an hour left of work. For those of you who aren't aware, Tony Romo is the new spokesperson for Starter, and Iconix had a few Starter clothing items and collectables for Tony to sign. It was my job to put these things together, package them, and send the package -->TO HIS HOUSE. Yes ladies, the invitations weren't the only thing I snagged for myself today. I am now withholding the home address to the steamy quarterback all to myself.

For an invitation to the Badgley Mishka Spring 2010 Collection show or Tony Romo's home address, please consider the title of today's blog.

Until next time.

XXO- Fashionieceta.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Getting High Maintenance

Today was a little bit of a let down. No one wanted a simple venti java chip half frapaccino half decaf iced coffee with two pumps of caramel and easy ice when I offered to get them something on my Starbucks run, and I spent my time doing returns with another intern. No conference call with stoner band members and no high fashion deliveries.

Snoop Dee Oh Double-G's manager came in today. Didn't get to meet him, but I hear he's the nice white jewish type. Way to go, Snoop. It's because they know how to hustle the money, I feel you. Speaking of Snoop-- I snooped through my aunt's e-mail and saw an e-mail from a certain politician's daughter.. I wonder what's cookin'. *

I'm a little bit disappointed in Iconix. One day I can deliver a book to Mark Badgley and James Mischka and the next I can't even meet the big Dogg's manager? Don't get me wrong, I love being at Iconix. But with the first two days being so glamorous, I was at least expecting Paris Hilton to walk in, meet me, and immediately choose me as her BFF without any cameras and eliminations necessary.

H(Op)fully Abby's interview with Elizabeth and the Catapult goes well tomorrow!

Until tomorrow.

XXO- Fashionieceta

Looks like some people back at home are getting into blogging.. Hmm. That's creative! On the announcement from their facebook status, someone else commented "blogging is gay". Yeah, well, so is Perez Hilton, and look where he's gotten himself. Plus, do you really think you can beat the life of Fashionieceta? Try me.

Badgley Ishitka

Day 2: Today had a little bit of a different start. Passing Igor who was smoking his morning cigarette, I see that a woman with slicked back hair and high cheekbones is sitting in my seat. Yes, the front seat with the cup holders. Not only was she sitting in my seat, her purse was sitting in my aunt’s seat. When I kindly asked if anyone was sitting where her purse was, she huffed, grabbed her purse, shook her and and said “Never mind, whatever.” I wanted to reply “Who took a shit in your cornflakes this morning?” But instead, I said a simple “Thank you.”

In the city. First things first, run into the lobby of the building across the street, grab my aunt her two large decaf hazelnut coffee’s with skim milk, and bring them up to the 8th floor and into her office. Five minutes later, the VP of marketing asks me to go to Starbucks and grab his venti iced coffee with skim milk and a pump of caramel. Keeping it simple, love it.

I return to the 8th floor and give the VP of marketing his coffee. The one person who can always start your day off right comes to my desk; Abby. Abby is the Media Manager of Iconix, and one of the greatest people I have ever met. She is one of those rare people that can have a simple conversation but make the entire thing humorous— she always keeps me laughing. Abby is flying to Los Angeles tomorrow for a Rolling Stone event that is sponsored by Op. Abby is in charge of interviewing Elizabeth and the Catapult (an up and coming band) on the Op bus and needs to do the interview by She has not the slightest clue on how to set this up once she is in LA, so she invites me down to the 4th floor to join her in her lesson with Desa. Desa, the I.T. manager, is god. She not only knows how to use Ustream, but she has random chatchka’s on her desk. Why? Because like she says, “Everything on this desk is useful for anyone at anytime." Located at her desk are three blackberry batteries, two different blackberry chargers because there are two different types (didn't know that until now), an i-Phone charger, a camera charger, every type of pen, tissues for her supervisor every time he walks by her desk, a heavy duty tape measurer, masking tape for service people, and a cowboy boot that is filled with screws. What would Iconix do without Desa?!

Abby and I return to the eighth floor where we begin to rummage through boxes, bags, and racks of Op clothes. The purpose of the rummaging was to find clothes to send to Elizabeth and her catapult and give them options of what they could wear in their performance. Once we put their clothes aside, it was time to start prepping more Op clothes that would be gifted to people attending the Rolling Stone party.

At one o'clock, I was invited to sit in on a conference call with Abby, Tara (Senior PR Manager), and the Marketing Director, Anne-Cecilie. Joining us were Rob, from Elizabeth and The Catapult's record label, and Shelly, the marketing manager from Rolling Stone Magazine. An attempt to get Danny, a band member, was a failed attempt at the beginning of the conference call. The call consisted of going over what would happen on Thursday, the day of the party and performance. The topics discussed were when and where the band would be picked up on the Op bus, timing and questions for the interview, and going over where the bus would be, how and when the Op gifting would be distributed, and when the bus would leave. --(Abby notices Anne-Cecilie's two boxes of calcium chews in her office and points with a perplexed facial expression, of course, giving us all a laugh.) Towards what we thought was the end of the call, Danny beeps in expressing his deepest apologies. Next comes the question, "Have you guys ever heard of Jumbo Clown?" Everyone says no. "Well I'll tell you what it is... I might.. be ..saying some things.. that .. are a little.. extreme.." -- We all look at each other. "My friend told us to go because it was like a strip club. But.. they didn't strip." The four of us in the room looked at one another and instantly had a mutual understanding, and cracked up. I mean, I dont know for sure-- but the guy sounded a little lifted-- just sayin'. Because Iconix is all about giving people what they want, Abby asked Danny what they would like to drink on the bus. "Drinks...with.. or without.. alcohol?" he asks. Abby tells him it's whatever he wants. "Well, Pete likes Odwalla drinks... and I like a little cervesa."-- Done deal. The conference call ends and we all agree that was one of the most interesting conference calls yet.

Abby and I continue working on the shipments for LA until my aunt comes and tells me that she wants me to deliver a cook book to James Mischka. Yes, James MISCHKA from BADGLEY MISCHKA. I carry the book and walk one avenue up to 7th avenue and enter the building. I ask the bellman what floor Badgley Mischka is on-- 22. I get in the classic-looking elevator and look up. My heart stopped as if star struck. Without floor numbers, the company names are in white illuminated boxes in order of floor. I read names such as Ralph Lauren, Oscar De La Renta, and Lilly Pullitzer. Holy shit.

The girl at the desk when I step out of the elevator is my aunt's old assistant. She remembers me and walks me directly to Mark Badgley and James Mischka. I re-introduce myself to them and hand James his cook book. I stayed and talked-- both of them had all eyes on me, disregarding the model and dress that they were working on, and completely showing a genuine interest in what I was talking about. It was a little overwhelming, but I did my best to keep my composure. While walking out of the building, it hit me. I had just personally delivered a cook book and had a conversation with the two people who designed the dresses I wore to prom my junior and senior year. Just when I thought being lucky enough to wear a dress of theirs two years in a row to a high school prom was as good as it got, I was proven wrong. I felt on top of the world.

About an hour and a half later, Abby and I just finish getting the boxes together to ship to Los Angeles. By now it's about 5:30 pm-- Time for me to push off with my aunt and catch the train back to Glen Cove.

Until Tomorrow.

XXO- Fashionieceta.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How It All Begins...

So, here's the deal- My aunt- Kinda a big deal in the fashion industry. She's the CMO of Iconix Brand Group, Inc. Iconix's brands are currently; Candie's, Bongo, Rampage, Starter, Op, Joe Boxer, Mudd, Mossimo, London Fog, Danskin, Rocawear, Cannon, Fieldcrest, Charisma, Royal Velvet, Waverly and Ed Hardy. Not only is she the CMO, she's probably the hottest CMO out of all corporations across America. She's allowed me to be exposed to her world from a very young age. I've been a behind-the-scenes Candie's girl the majority of my life, which eventually led to me knowing what industry I would like to be in at a younger age than most. From being a shy little peanut on set with Jenny McCarthy on the toilet, Dixie Chicks spilling burgers in the back of a limo, and Carmen Electra spraying perfume into Dennis Rodman's pants, to being part of the staff in the most recent Britney Spears' ads.

I just graduated from high school with the class of 2009 in Los Angeles, California. After a month and a half, I left my immediate family and my best friends behind to pursue my passion to work a paid internship for 6 weeks at Iconix in New York. I'll be here to give you guys the good, the great, the bad, and the ugly of the fashion world as you probably don't know it.

Day 1:

I woke up at seven o'clock, out of the house by eight to make it to the bagel shop by roughly 8:10, where the owner is blatantly infatuated with my aunt and has her decaf hazelnut coffee ready in 2.5 seconds. After two minutes we push off and get to the bus where our driver, Igor, is smoking a cigarette while waiting for us to arrive. We hop on the bus and grab the two front rows because they are the only seats that have cup holders. Igor's mix of body odor and cigarette scent is a pleasure to inhale while consuming breakfast. It's about an hour before we get dropped off in the city, a block away from the office. An elevator up to the 8th floor where my aunt's office is located with a perfect view of Time Square. You know that ball that everyone watches drop on New Years Eve all around the world? Yeah, my aunt sees that every day from her office window. Not even 10 o'clock and a package from Lucky Magazine is on her desk. A magazine and a pack of Twizzlers. Okay, seriously? Our recession has come to a point where a "please do business with me" gift is Twizzlers? Sad story.

Tara, who works for PR at Iconix assigns me my first intern project. I am handed a book with studio contacts for shows such as Medium, Private Practice, Samantha Who?, Entourage, Criminal Minds, etc. My task is to call each of them, get in touch with their wardrobe department, and receive an e-mail or address to which we can send a look book in the hopes that these shows will want to use our product to dress their actors. Each place that I called either had shows that were cancelled, had their own costume supply, or rented out. In the midst of this assignment I found out that Entourage (which just started it's new season) has stopped filming for the rest of the year and will continue to film in 2010-- so bummed!

My last task of the day was to get a bandana and cowboy hat for my 12 year old cousin. Do you know how hard it is to find a an effing cowboy hat these days? I'll tell you... it's hard. I wound up finding a cowboy hat in the third Claire's that I walked into. And where was this Claire's? Right across the street from the offices. I figured after searching high and low that my cousin could cut the girlish embellishments off and deal. -- I returned to the office only to fall asleep curled up in a chair in my aunts office mid conversation at 6pm.

At 8 o'clock, we walk across the street, enter a lobby, and go up to the 35th floor. Rocawear's 10th year of marketing celebration. The pictures displayed all around the floor are absolutely phenomenal. The picture that stuck with me the most was a picture of Jay-Z walking, surrounded by tons of kids in Africa looking so happy!-- simply gave anyone with a heart the chills. Another touch of the party was CEO of Iconix, Neil Cole. Neil is also the person who gave me this luxurious opportunity. Not gonna lie, I used to be very afraid of the big man. Hello-- CEO = Lots of power = A little scary. As they should be. When in conversation about when Jay would arrive, his casual comment was, "Let me text him and find out when he's coming." Oh. Okay-- Do that and I'll just give Beyonce a ring. Sean Carter (Jay-Z) for those of you who didn't know that was his real name, texted Mr. Cole back telling him he would come after finishing the last song necessary to complete his newest album, coming out September 11th!

Pretty sweet, don't you think? This isn't even the half of it yet. Hopefully I can leak some secrets to you guys soon about the next chosen talent for Iconix's brands... Kind of like how we accidentally slipped that Giselle is pregnant and her baby bump was photo shopped out of the new London Fog ads. Oops!

Until next time!

XXO- Fashionieceta.