Monday, November 23, 2009

Fashionieceta Flees For Freekend № 15

As you all know, I went to Maryland for the weekend. When I look back, I realized that I didn't have any expectations for what this weekend would bring, but I can honestly say I did not know it would end up being as perfect as it was.

After a three and a half hour bus ride to Maryland, I wound up at Penn Station and then took a taxi to my friend Alec. When I got to his place, I met up with one of his friends who then took me to where Alec was spinning. I caught the end of his session, met his group of friends, and then we were on our way. Our night consisted of fun and dancing to live techno music by a DJ who was spinning near by in the area.

The air matress I slept on combined with the fuzziest blanket I have ever felt in my life, along with Alec's room being dark as night could have allowed me to sleep all day. However, I had great reason to get up and start my day. My cousin Niki and my Aunt Terri were coming to pick me up. I hadn't seen my cousin Niki since I moved back to Los Angeles after living with her, Stevie, and my aunt and uncle for nine months in Maryland almost three years ago. This gave the trip another special meaning. Not only was I seeing one of my good friends from home, I was able to be with family that I hadn't seen for so long and reunite with state that carries a significant amount of memories that contribute to who I am today.

I was picked up around 12:30p.m. Me, Niki, and Aunt Terri headed downtown to eat and walk around. We stopped to eat at a place called Meli. I couldn't decide whether I wanted breakfast or lunch, so when the waiter came to take our order, I told Aunt Terri to choose for me. She chose the waffles. When the waiter asked Niki what she wanted, she said she wasn't eating. I quickly made her order the crabcake that was the other half of my debate with myself on what to order. So yes, I ate breakfast and lunch. At the same time. Delicious.

If I haven't mentioned the fact that I HATE pigeons before, I will mention again. I HATE PIGEONS. Ever since I came to NY, I have noticed that the pigeons out here are ten times uglier, and ten times more daring. They get WAY too close and it really makes me despise them. With that said, after breakfastlunch, Niki and Aunt Terri and I were walking, when suddenly forty pigeons that were creeping around decided to ALL get up at the same time and fly away right over our heads. I really thought at that moment my heart was going to fail me. We meandered around the cute little area, stopping in stores where women followed us and stared at every move we made, and stopped for hot chocolate before we headed back to the house where I used to live.

I know I've mentioned before that I do not understand the whole Twilight hype. But today, I will admit that I completely get it now. Maybe not camping outside waiting to see the movie before it opens in theaters, but I do understand why people love it. Niki and I went with her brother, my other cousin, Brandon, and his friend to see New Moon. At one point, Brandon's friend asked me if I needed a napkin because I must have looked like I was about to drool at the sight of Taylor Lautner. Someone told me he put on thirty pounds for that movie, and let me tell you, that is the best thirty pounds I have ever seen anyone put on. I am so Team Jacob. Now, I feel obligated to read the books.

After the movie, Niki and I split to meet up with Alec. We went to one frat house and thirty minutes later headed to another where Alec would be spinning for a friends birthday. When Alec got things going, we started dancing immediately. Whether or not there were people dancing, Niki and I didn't stop until it was time for us to go. We went back to the house and stayed up in the kitchen, snacking on random food. Our original plan was to go back up to the lounge across from Niki's room and watch "My Best Friend's Girl". However, with my OCD in tact, I decided that we needed to make the bed before we slept in it. As I fixed the sheet, Niki jumped on the bed and laid down. At that point, our plan was executed and we both agreed that we could easily fall asleep right then and there. So that's just what we did.

The next morning, Niki woke me up. She told me that she was going to make me breakfast and we were going to watch "My Best Friend's Girl". Niki then noticed that we were low on everything she needed to make breakfast, so we went to Dunkin' Donuts for my first time, and ordered a feast. We started watching the movie, which was absolutely hilarious and I recommend it to anyone with a sense of humor.

Aunt Terri bought me my favorite cookies that you can only buy in Maryland unless you order them online. I was able to head home with two packs. I am starting to get concerned at how happy anything food related makes me. Thank you, New York.

Unfortunately, my time in Maryland was limited and Niki soon had to take me to Penn Station in order to catch my bus back to NYC. I had such a great time and come January, I definitely plan on going more often. I arrived back to the island before 9 p.m. and was able to tune into the AMA's. Lady Gaga's smashing bottles on a piano that was on fire made me question her even more, but the Lady is talented.

Week 16. Holy $h!+.

XXO- Fashionieceta

Friday, November 20, 2009

Fashionieceta Friday № 15

The beginning of Fashionieceta Freekend 15!!

I'm off to Maryland in a little bit for a night out with a very good friend from home and a family filled rest of the weekend.
Hoping to have a fun Fashionieceta update on Monday ☺.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fashionieceta's First Winter in NYC ☃

Stevie and I had a lot of fun on the ice. We went as fast as we could, attempted to dance, and saw some characters. There was a woman that we named "Leaf Lady". Leaf Lady held one leaf in each hand and moved...somewhat close to the beat of the music being played amongst the rink. She was a trip to watch and provided a few laughs and smiles which is always good. Just as Stevie and I always tend to do, we made some new friends at the rink. One of the people being someone who works at the rink on the weekends. The rink employee had a prosumer camera, and with that being something we had in common, he took pictures of Stevie and I and one of our new friends. We all became Facebook friends and the pictures were uploaded on Tuesday.

We left the rink and headed to the lower east side. Stevie and I dropped off our bags, changed into more comfortable clothes, and went to a small restaurant for a late night crepe and coffee. It was delicious, but while walking out of the restaurant, I was still hungry. We stopped at a pizza place on the corner of Stevie's block, ordered pizza, and befriended the chef, Luigi. We snapped a picture of the three of us on my phone which Luigi wants printed out and placed on his wall! Stevie's apartment was so f'ing cold, that I fell asleep with my pajamas on, a pair of pants that I had to borrow from her, my sweater, and my new hat.

Tuesday, I worked for a few hours and then had to head back to the island for a few doctor's appointments. I went to one appointment and the other was cancelled, so I immediately headed back to the city due to CoCo and I having an Op interview with Matt Hartke that will be posted on the Op Amp'd blog. I came back to the office and before I knew it, it was time for CoCo and I to head out to The Living Room, the venue where Matt was performing his showcase.

We entered the venue and caught the end of Matt's sound check. He sounded so great, that it was as if an album was being played. I was thoroughly impressed. After an introduction, we sat down for the interview. I did my best, and it wound up being a lot of fun! Matt is a calm, funny, and charming guy, and was very easy to talk to. I definitely hope to cross paths with him again.

CoCo and I wasted about an hour until it was time to head back to The Living Room for Matt's performance. The man carding at the door wouldn't let me stay in the club due to the fact that I was under age. He was one of those men that took his job way too seriously, because clearly, there wasn't much else going on in his life. The fact that I was working seemed to go one ear and out the other, so CoCo and I left, and strolled from the LES to the west village. It was a nice walk, and I headed to Penn Station while CoCo headed home.

Yesterday morning, Fashionaunta and I were heading into work late due to an appointment she had. While we were at the train station, I pulled out the video camera that had the Matt Hartke interview on it and played it for her. To my surprise, she called me a "natural" and wanted me to do a quick interview with Phillip Bloch, a celebrity stylist that I have watched for years, and that happened to be coming into the office THAT afternoon. I was so flattered and excited. Opportunities like this are truly a natural high on life and steps higher to success.

The day started with me helping Sing stuff envelopes with letters and look books that needed to be sent out before 4 o'clock. In the midst of this task, Jess from PR pulled me to help with the new closet that's being shared amongst our new floor. Me, Tara, and Jess all worked on organizing the closet which I now hear is a disaster again! Yay.

I got lunch early because I was so hungry I thought I would bite my arm off, and got back to work. Time went by and there was pressure about all of the look books being sent out, just as Phillip was in Fashionaunta's office. Sing taking nine bags full of mail to the post office by herself was completely unrealistic, and since it was priority, I had to assist her and risk missing my opportunity to interview Phillip. No cab would drive us four blocks, and I was already grumpy because I was cold. Sing wound up pushing one of the crates on wheels in direction of the post office. I really thought this was some kind of joke because I did not think there was any way I was pushing a crate full of mail to the post office. Sing gave me no choice, and we started pushing.

To make the best of the situation, I decided "F it". I bent over, pushed the crate on wheels a little faster, and jumped on, body surfing on the mail in the middle of the sidewalk. People dodged out of the way, and really, I could not have cared less. They SHOULD be moving out of my way. Just one of the Fashionieceta ways to make the best of a situation.

Sadly, I missed my opportunity to interview Phillip because I was at the post office. However, he relayed the message to Fashionaunta that we could keep in touch and work something out for the near future, and for that, I am extremely grateful. I can't wait until that opportunity comes along! Phillip Bloch has been an iconic figure of mine for several years.

Today is Thursday, tomorrow is Friday. Just in case you didn't know. However, I have an exciting Maryland weekend ahead! Visiting a close friend from home for his birthday celebration, and spending some quality time with family! Very exciting!

Thursday's are such a tease.

Until next time..

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Friday, November 13, 2009


On Monday, I decided to try something new with my style. I bought pants from American Apparel and Fashionaunta told me they resemble MC Hammer pants. I tucked a white shirt into my MC Hammer pants that came right below my chest, threw on some chunky necklaces and a blazer and called it an outfit. Little did I know, everyone at the office would be calling me "Poopy Pants" because I either looked like I was wearing a diaper, or I had enough room to poop my pants and hide it. WHATEVER.

My job this week was to pack up the Op Closet. It has been an adventure because once things were crated or boxed up, I had to unpack them and ship them out for a few different events. Thursday, I sent out six boxes of merchandise for a Nylon Magazine party that's going to be held at 1OAK, a club in Manhattan. Then, there were boxes that needed to be packed up for a Matt Hartke event this Tuesday. In all of this event craziness, there were still boxes that needed to be packed up and shipped out to off sight storage due to there not being enough room on our newly merged Iconix floor. Fashionaunta and I were leaving early on Tuesday, so I went to the venue where Tara and Jess from PR were having their editors event and helped set up for Wednesday and left early.

On Wednesday it was very quiet in the office. Fashionaunta went to LA for the fourth time since I've been out here, the VP of Marketing was on vacation in California, PR and Sing were at the editor's event, and the rest of us were in the office. Sutton, Fashionaunta's assistant that I call "Button" and I went to Baja Fresh for lunch. Sadly enough, we both realized that it had been over a month since we had it. Baja Fresh is so amazing, but so many calories, so we have to watch how much we eat it. When we ordered, they woman behind the counter gave us a stamp card. Every time we go, we get it punched until it's time for a free meal. I wanted to hug the woman and slap her at the same time.

The day was busy with packing up the Op closet until Abby told me that Tara wanted me to come to the venue where the editor's event was being held and see at least one editor come around. At the editor's event, they have appointments where each individual editor comes around the venue and looks at different Iconix brand products for the upcoming season. While doing this, they look for product that they would like to put in their magazine as editorial.

When I walked in, the place looked gorgeous. But the one thing that my eyes were instantly drawn to was the mound of chocolate covered strawberries and cookies set out. Since there wasn't an appointment taking place at the moment, I went and started stuffing my face. These strawberries were unbelievable. They had a variety of different toppings and while eating one, it took me a half an hour to get to the actual strawberry! They were delightful. Even though I was completely full, I kept eating the cookies that were also left out for all of us.

One appointment cancelled, and then the last editor was a woman from Lucky Magazine. She walked around each brand snapping pictures with her digital camera of things she would want to pull for the magazine. It was interesting and another experience, broadening my knowledge of how things work in this industry. Once the woman left, it was time to do a power pack up. Abby's i-Pod was playing and everyone was packing as fast as they could, until Justin Bieber came on and I was overjoyed, dancing around. Little Justin Bieber is my new obsession... I just want to squeeze him until he pops.

Sing and I caught a cab back to the office together, and I waited until the 8:07p.m. bus came. It was a long day, but definitely busy which is always an accomplished feeling.

Thursday was more organizing, more packing for us here at Iconix. Things needed to be sent out and everything was crazy and everyone was in a bad mood. As badly as I wanted to come down with Swine Flu, I didn't. Friday came and it really wasn't as crazy as I had anticipated. I'm sure that the IT people would strongly disagree, but I'm speaking from my end.

Abby had me work on an excel spread for media positioning in 2009. On the excel sheet it had the magazine, the month, the brand displayed, what page it was on, how many pages were in the magazine total, and the percentage of where the ad was placed in the magazine. It was Friday, and I was more than ready for the weekend. I headed back to the island.

On Saturday, Bubbie and I went to go see Burn the Floor, a dance show on broadway. The dancers were amazing and had me intrigued throughout the entire show. If anyone likes dancing, I would highly reccommend this show. We went back to the island for a filling Italian dinner, and I passed out shortly after we got home.

Today is Monday, and also Iconix's first day on our new floor. It's been full of trying to find boxes, unpacking, moving, and craziness. Sing isn't in today, so I've been picking up sample's for her. However, it's been somewhat refreshing because it's a nice day outside today.

Tonight, I'm going ice skating with my cousin, Stevie, and spending the night at her place in the city! Very excited. I feel as though a night like this is necessary.

Tomorrow is the Matt Hartke event, and yours truly is doing a special Op interview for the Op blog! I'm definitely looking forward to tomorrow.

XXO- Fashionieceta.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fashionieceta Freekend № 13

Thursday night, the coolest twelve year old that I know of arrived in NYC. My younger brother, Lucas and his mom, Marki. I met up with Bubbie and Lucas for dinner at the Stardust Diner on 51st and Broadway. When I walked into the diner, I looked around, trying to spot my brother. Out of nowhere he stands in front of me and he was SO much taller than when I had seen him last! I squeezed him to death and tried to hold back my happy tears. He is such a handsome and cool little dude.

Due to Lucas and Bubbie having tickets to a broadway show, we parted ways after dinner. I went to the West Village to the apartment Marki and Lucas were staying in. The apartment belongs to Cliff Williams, the bass player in AC/DC. The apartment was by far the nicest one I have yet to see in the city. It was classy, had a lot of open space, and was very warm. Marki and I hung out, catching up and talking about life. At 9p.m., Marki decided that she wanted to go for a walk around the village and shop a little. So, that is just what we did. When we got back to the apartment, I made myself comfortable and watched the intense Rihanna interview. I was riveted by the way she brilliantly answered everything.

The next morning, Marki's hosting boot camp started at 10a.m. Lucas and I fled with her to the studio that she was teaching in, and then parted to do our own thing. I decided to take Lucas all around NYC and show him all that I possibly could in a day. At 4p.m., Lucas and I linked up with our cousin Stevie back in the village, grabbed a slice of pizza for Luke, and then went back to midtown to meet Marki and head to dinner at Serendipity, the restaurant famous for their Frozen Hot Chocolate. I ate more than I knew I even could. I had wings, caviar in a potatoe, dim sum, fetuccini with shrimp, half of a turkey burger, fries, frozen hot chocolate, and a sundae with cake, hot fudge, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Even with all of that, I am sure I'm forgetting something. Yikes. We were a party of eleven, and had a very enjoyable time. There is nothing like a great family dinner.

After dinner, I went back to the apartment with Erin, Cliff's daughter, Marki, and Lucas. We all hung out watching TV and listening to Lucas play a few of Cliff's guitars. As time went by, Erin left, and I fell asleep on the couch. Marki must have moved me to my bed in the guest room at some point, because at 3 in the morning, that's where I was when I woke up out of a very deep sleep. As I got back into bed, I closed my eyes. I suddenly heard a noise that sounded like someone opening a window. I had no idea whether it was the sound of a heater that I had mistaken, or a regular noise for this apartment, but I got a feeling that something wasn't right. I really thought that this noise sounded like something opening, and it sounded as if it was coming from right next to me in the same room.

I laid there for another few seconds, and then jumped up from my bed and ran into the living room where one of the blinds was half-way open. In the window was the silhouette of a man standing face to face with me. I have never let out such a blood curtling scream in my life. I ran down the hall to Marki and Lucas, waking them up in a major panic. They both got out of bed fast, and after I had explained what I just experienced, Marki called the security booth in the front of the building. The security lady had seen the man who was trying to break into the apartment and said that he had told her he was "in his girlfriends place and her parents came home so he had to escape." This story did not make sense, and I still didn't understand how I would hear something opening.

The police came a lot faster than I had expected and examined the apartment. I repeated the scenario, and when they walked into the room I was sleeping in, one of the officers lifted up the blinds that had been pulled down to the bottom of the sliding door. The sliding screen door had been partially opened, and THEN I realized that the screen sliding door is what I had heard the man opening next to my head. Another officer assured me that my scream probably scared the man more than he scared me, and they soon left around 4:30a.m. CRA-ZY.

Welcome, Week Fourteen.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yenta ♏obile

Last Wednesday, Sing and I did the same old chores around the office. Nothing too exciting took place, and the weather was was still gross and made everything inconvenient. I wanted nothing more than a "Grasshopper" (mint chocolate chip) cupcake from Crumbs, which is three blocks away, but there was no way that Sing would accompany me on that walk, nor would I have been willing to make it. Instead, we sat inside of Café Duke and observed the varieties of umbrella's that passed by. Some big, some small, some ugly, some pretty, and some morons that didn't use one. The one umbrella that caught my eye was a black umbrella on the outside, but on the inside it was blue with a few clouds scattered across, looking like a pretty blue sky.

Fashionaunta and I decided to take the 5:07 p.m. bus home Wednesday night. I left the office a few minutes before her so I could grab0 two Crumbs cupcakes. While we were on the highway, a Lexus sedan drove right into the bus in an attempt to cut us off. It was entirely the man in the Lexus' fault. He stopped in the middle lane of the highway and stood, staring at the completely innocent driver of our bus. Three older people took me and Fashionaunta's front seats, so we sat in the second row. The woman in front of me was one of the most obnoxious women I believe I have ever come across. She was telling our bus driver what to do, and mentioned eighty-two times that he had a "MD" license plate, so obviously he's a doctor, and "doctor's are the worst drivers." She repeated this ad nauseam as if it would be productive somehow. Fashionaunta begged me to confront her and ask her to stop. When I said "excuse me", the woman was so in tune with her own little world that she did not hear me three times. Five minutes later, the doctor in the Lexus finally got the hint to move to the right side of the highway so this snafu could be dealt with. When I stepped out to take pictures of the minor damage that he had forced upon his car, I noticed that he barely understood English, and I tried to explain to the best of my ability that this accident was completely his fault. The pictures came out orange, and I gave up after a few attempts. I hopped back on the bus to my second row seat, where the yenta was still running her mouth.

Behind Fashionaunta was a younger yenta that seemed to be in her twenties. She was bitching about how she should have taken a different bus, and considering herself to be pro-active by calling the bus company before our poor driver did, asking for a new bus. She wouldn't shut up, the woman in front of me wouldn't shut up, and I decided to make the best out of it. I pulled out a cupcake. While the cupcake was in my mouth, the obnoxious yenta in front of me turned around and started to freak out. She asked "WHAT'S WRONG? WHAT'S WRONG? ARE YOU OKAY??" With my mouth still in my cupcake, I tried to tell her that I was eating a cupcake. She kept asking if I was alright. I have no idea what exactly was so off about this woman, but I wanted to pull the cupcake out of my mouth and shove it into hers.

The yenta got off of the bus to talk to the non-english speaking doctor. To no surprise, we could hear her voice from inside of the bus that was completely packed, and she miraculously worded something so right that we were able to push off without police coming and wasting even more time. The yenta saves the day, and the little yenta behind Fashionaunta doesn't shut up.

We got home two and a half hours later.