Friday, September 25, 2009

Fashionieceta Freekend: 7

I can't believe it has already been seven weeks here in the Big Apple. It's flown by, and been the time of my life. Friday was an easy day at work with Fashionaunta gone, as well as the VP of Marketing out. Jess in PR arranged a meeting with an employee from Lily O'Briens chocolate. The meeting was to see our options when it came to possible gifting for future Iconix corporate gifting, or Iconix brand gifting. The woman who came to meet with us came off to be respectably professional and genuinely good at what she does. The chocolate is imported from Ireland, but is Belgian chocolate. Additionally, she brought tons of chocolate for us to try and take for ourselves once the meeting was over. She definitely scored bonus points with me.

Later in the day, Abby had a meeting via phone call with a stylist for Boys Like Girls who are going to be sponsored by Op. Cory Cruton and I sat in on the call. The stylist was making a fuss about how the pictures of the clothes that Abby sent were not opening and that she needed to see them to figure out what possibilities there would be to style each artist. Abby sent the twelve pictures a week prior to this phone call. There was talk about changing the clothing up by maybe bedazzling shirts and other Op merchandise. In Pebble Beach, the boys in the band wore clothes from the Op girl's line. They're smaller, and that's fine, but Abby mentioned that she wanted them to wear clothing from the men's line because we need to advertise that, and she doesn't want people to mention cross dressing. The stylist had mentioned that she had also worked with Kings of Leon. Abby is a huge fan and let's face it, even with Coco there, everyone wants a little bit of dirt behind every group, celebrity, etc. According to this stylist who has been an insider before, the actual members of Kings of Leon are as sweet as can be, sexy, and down to Earth, but the people surrounding them are very rude. Now, here's where it gets sketchy. The boys have a team that basically helps them party and pimp it, and that team then clears the party group out, and then follows by bringing their girlfriends to them. Sad news, but the truth always comes out, doesn't it? The Nashville-based stylist also mentioned how cool her office is and what it overlooks several times, which seemed entirely irrelevant to the whole point of the conversation.

Friday night I spent the night with Tessa at the Fordham dorms. After a night of scarce sleep, I had to wake up at 8 in order to catch an 8:25a.m. train back to Long Island, so I could give my cousin some moral support in her soccer game. On the train, I faded out until I got a call from my uncle asking if I had actually been on the train that I was supposed to have been on. I had fallen asleep and missed my stop. In result, my uncle had to come pick me up in the next town over. Yikes. However, the soccer game was enjoyable and my cousin's team won about 5-0. The game had been at a local high school, and I have never seen a better teepeeing job in my life. The picture displayed is what the entire perimeter of the school looked like. After the game, I hopped in the car, went home, and took a 2-3 hour nap. After my nap, it was time to head back to the city.

After a night in Soho, I hung around the city for most of Sunday, and headed back to the island Sunday night due to Yom Kippur. I was wiped out, falling asleep before 9p.m., and sleeping past 10a.m. At two, it was time to go somewhere that I hadn't been in a while; Temple. I hadn't eaten all day due to fasting for the holiday, and I'm truly sorry to say that Temple wasn't the first place I wanted to be. The only upside to going to Temple was that Fashionaunta let me borrow super cute Fendi wedges. We broke our fast at a beautiful home, with a very humble family. The house for the family of three was simply outrageous, and the food was delicious.

The night ended with the newest episode of Gossip Girl. WHAT was Scott, the son of Rufus and Lily THINKING? I was livid.

Until next time.

XXO- Fashionieceta.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fashionieceta Facebook Friends

I say this in the least narcissistic way possible, but every day, I get at least two friend requests on Facebook. The notification is sent to my phone, and unless I absolutely know the person who requested, I leave it be. Sometimes, there are random people who have friends in common, and sometimes those who don't. Sometimes, the people have weird or abstract names, and sometimes they're normal. Yesterday, I got a friend request from Kevin Cruton. I didn't think anything of it. An hour later, I got a message from Kevin Cruton that read "hi. i'm kevin cruton. Want to be friends?" I laughed, told a friend about it, and moved on with my life. A few hours later, Sing mentioned that she had just gotten a friend request from Kevin Cruton. Okay, now it was interesting. I logged onto my computer and looked at the Cruton kid's page. His pages were Bongo, Op, Cobra Starship, and Starter. Hmm, OBVIOUSLY this was someone who had some kind of relation to Iconix. Cruton had the office laughing for a little while, and this was truly putting a little spice into the day. It seemed as though no one else in the office, excluding Sing, was really phased by this Kevin Cruton kid. Cory was his friend, and so was Justine aka MeMe. I was carrying on to Coco about it and told him to go look at this Cruton guy's page. Coco excused me by saying he couldn't right then and that he had something to do. So I went back to the Op closet I have been working on for the past few days. Eventually, Coco came to the closet and asked if I needed any help because he didn't have anything to do. He then mentioned Kevin Cruton and had this shit grin that was unmistakable. "Have you updated Fashionieceta? I think I'll go catch up on my reading," he said as he put his water cup to his mouth and started to walk away. "You do that," I responded. We both started laughing to the point where we were red in the face. We had Sing going for a while longer until Coco finally came out with the truth. I have to give Coco Cruton props. Well done my friend, well done.

Another fun fact from here at Iconix is that I was finally nicknamed. There are a handful of people who have their nicknames in the office, and MeMe and Ev decided that I needed one. My new name is "iLL nah nah". At first, I wanted to spell it "iLL na na". That was until I looked at the definition on Urban Dictionary. Yikes. However, with an 'h' at the end, it completely changes the meaning. ---> Feel free to look up the difference of the definitions yourselves.

Fashionaunta has fled to Los Angeles once again to shoot two campaigns. One for Charisma with a guy, a hottie that everyone in the "City" knows and loves, and London Fog with talent that can't be named quite yet. There is no doubt that the new ads will come out beautifully and brilliantly.

Must get back to cleaning the Op closet! Who knows what else today shall bring.

Until next time.

XXO- Fashionieceta.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fatigued Fashionieceta

President Obama is in town this week, so Fashionaunta and I arrived to work much later than usual. Igor, our very passionate bus driver, was stuck in traffic and by the look on his face, it seemed to be quite devastating. For me, it fit into my new narcoleptic schedule brilliantly, because I received a few extra minutes to sleep on our morning bus ride. My day yesterday was spent tabbing our company's magazine ads for Abby, and checking to see if all of the invoices were in each brand's section of the Fall 2009 folder. Today, I'll be filing them in excel worksheets to figure out percentages. A little different than RSVP voicemail's and seating arrangement calls.

When lunch time came, I walked down to Cafe Duke. I browsed around, taking in the delicious smell of everything that was cooking, or had just been cooked. At that point, I felt so hungry that I could have gotten a clear to-go box and stuffed everything from the buffet in there. But then, I thought about how they had opened a new Baja Fresh directly across the street from the office, and considered going there. Last week, Baja Fresh opened. I was so excited that I went and ate it for lunch three days in a row. Baja is simply just THAT GOOD. I walked out of Cafe Duke and into Baja Fresh. Then I looked back to Cafe Duke. I was really putting myself in what I guess people would call "a pickle". I walked back and forth twice, until I finally decided to get a salad of my creation from Cafe Duke. It wasn't that good. I'm also thrilled that I went through all of that confusion and stress from indecisiveness only to find out that there was a spectacular lunch on the 4th floor. Although, I did enjoy my lunch time with Sing and Coco very much.

When we returned to the office, immediately at 2 there was a "Back to School" meeting, hosted by Kenneth, the VP of Marketing. We had a slide show presented to us of the comparisons of spending for 'Back to School' supplies in 2008-2009. We looked at the different commercials and techniques of advertising produced by different stores such as; Target, Walmart, Kohl's, and Sears. The meeting was definitely informative and educational, but I felt myself fading after sitting in the same spot for over an hour.

We wrapped, and then it was time for me to go start organizing and cleaning up the disaster that had become of what we call our 'Op Closet'. I worked on that and thankfully made visible progress, so today it will be a little easier, but time consuming. On the way home, I fell asleep again, because I seem to catch every moment of sleep that I can lately. 90210 was amazing as always, and Melrose Place put me to sleep. I don't remember much after that.

Until next time.

XXO- Fashionieceta.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fash Hashanah

Thursday night I had spent the night with Tessa at the Fordham dorms. I woke up Friday morning, and on my way to work, Fashionaunta sent me a picture of a sign that said "SATC 2" with an arrow. Sex and the City 2 is being filmed right next to our house on Long Island! That wasn't the only cool news I got. I was told I could leave the office at 2 o'clock and head home for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year. Sounded great!

Saturday morning I woke up at the crack of dawn to catch an 8:30a.m. train. The reason for this was due to the fact that I had an old friend that I went to school in Baltimore, Maryland with coming to visit me for the day. I had not seen her in three years! We're going to call her Free, because she is yet another Jessica here on the east coast. I met Free at Penn Station, and we went to Geri's so I could shower and get ready for my day.

After I was ready, we headed to the subway, got off at Time Square, and walked up to 5th Avenue in search of dresses for an event that Free has coming up. We went to my favorite store Zara, H&M, another H&M, and stopped into little stores along the way. We found one store that had extremely cute clothing for the cheapest I have ever seen in Manhattan. Instead of buying one dress, Free bought two! Great deals. In the midst of this, Fashionaunta called me. She was at Temple for Rosh Hashanah, and asked me if I would like her to throw some bread into the water to clear any of my sins. I then thought back to the stripper I had in her house three weeks prior, and quickly responded "Yes, please".

Free and I literally shopped until we dropped. By the time we were making it back to Geri's apartment, our feet couldn't lift up when we walked. Our feet were sliding across the cement sidewalks and across the pavement of the streets. About an hour of rest later, we decided to go to the burger place that I had been to with Model Jon, where two men had been beating each other up on the sidewalk right outside with everyone simply standing and watching, not caring enough to help. The place was worth going back to, and this time there were no street fights. At 7:30, I bid farewell to Free and sent her on her double-decker bus back to Maryland.

The rest of the weekend was spent with Tessa, and dealing with crazy, delusional college peers of hers. After the craziness died down, the rest of the weekend was spent eating more great New York food until it was time for Tessa to return to school to get homework done, and for me to head back to the island. I fell asleep watching the Emmy's on Sunday night with my Bubbie, who then kicked me out of her room when they were over. However, Kara Dioguardi looked absolutely stunning in her white Badgley Mischka dress!

Until next time...

XXO- Fashionieceta.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Us Freekly

Yesterday was another mellow day at work. The weather has been somewhat groggy, and seems to put everyone in a quieter mood. I moved a ton of boxes into the room where we store all of our Op merchandise that is either bought or delivered for multiple different reasons. Looking at that room, I know that I need to organize it before someone aka Abby, loses her mind. I would also love for someone to hear the 8th floor's cries about how this level of the building feels like we're working in Antarctica.

Last night, at 6 p.m., me, Fashionaunta, Marc aka Pants, and Abby the Return Nazi, were picked up by a town car outside of the office. We were driven to a party being held by Us Weekly Magazine, not too far from where the Ok! Magazine party was held two nights prior. The four of us immediately entered and headed straight to the bar. Vodka/tonic, vodka/club, vodka/ club/splash of cranberry, and a ginger ale. I'll let you do the matching.

While standing around the same area as the bar, I felt my hand pushed into someone's ass. Pants pushed my hand into the guy's butt that was standing behind me. "What? He's cute!" was Pants' reply to my "Oh my god. What are you thinking?!" Just a typical night out with Marc.

As I looked around, I saw some of the following: Christie Brinkley, The Real Housewives of NYC, Emmy Rossum, Amber Rose, Kat DeLuna, Alicia Keys, and a friend of mine who will remain anonymous. When I spotted a friend of mine who just celebrated the premiere of her new show with another friend of mine, I walked to her table. At first, she was far from friendly, almost as if she were dismissing me. The Fashionieceta will not tolerate someone who acts like their "BFF" in nights not too long before, and too cool in an exclusive party the present night. So, I turned around and started talking to Fashionaunta and Abby feeling admittedly, extremely disappointed. Seconds later, she made her way through the crowd to come and talk to me. She informed me that she was not in the mood to be at the party and started talking to me about personal things, so I knew it had nothing to do with me. However, she is also very smart to come over and meet Fashionaunta, considering she is a possible candidate for the next Op cast.

Next, Pants was using the Spy Cam to catch a glimpse of Alicia Keys, who was wearing one of the most killer bracelets I have ever laid eyes on. All of a sudden a big man (A big man, not The Big Man), came out of nowhere and threatened to take the camera away as if the three of us were back in grade school. Pants just "okay's" the beast while Fashionaunta is assuring the beast that he would never touch her camera. Pants handed the camera to Fashionaunta, and I took the camera, slipped it into my back pocket, and moved over to talk to Abby and her friend Asher as if I had been talking to them for five minutes and we were in the middle of a completely separate conversation. Nothing was deleted.

Our whole party decided to walk upstairs due to the fact that it was getting over crowded on the bottom level and we were about to get a referral and spanking from Mr. Alicia Keys. Our best friends from the Ok! party two nights before were there... Cobra Starship! This time, there was one extra band member that we had not met the first time we all mingled. The newest member was Gabe, the lead singer. We all talked amongst ourselves until it was time for Fashionaunta and I to leave. Just a typical night in the world of the Fashionieceta. No one's complaining.

Today, I was chosen to model three Op outfits that are being sent to STAR. At first, it was a little awkward. but I got used to it and look forward to seeing where these pictures end up and how they look! Apparently they're going to end up online. Next, I did little tasks for people around the office. Some of them consist of ideas still in the making for Starter that can't be revealed, but I can assure you they are fantastic.

Next, Abby the Return Nazi called me over to the Badgley Mischka showroom. I was sent to an office, that coincidentally is the same building that Geri works in, to go pick up all of the dresses and jewelry that Shanae Grimes didn't wear to our show. I arrived back at the Badgley showroom only to find out that Kara Dioguardi's dresses are nowhere to be found. I just want to warn whoever has possession of those dresses and bless their souls for when Abby gets to them. When I got back to my desk, it was only moments before I heard "WHOA!" from Coco, the only male voice on the floor at the time, and then a thump. Coco had successfully fallen off of his chair. Forwards. I don't really know how this happens to a grown man, but boy, did I need that laugh. Thanks, Coco.

Abby and I have another event to attend tonight at the Hearst building to view the season finale of Project Runway in their private theatre. I am really loving the Fashionieceta life.

Until tomorrow!

XXO- Fashionieceta.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Badgley Mischka Spring 2010 Show

The Ok! Magazine party the other night was enjoyable. It was a small venue for the amount of people that attended, but it was very nice. I spent the majority of my time with Fashionaunta, Abby, a few other people, and Cobra Starship in a small VIP corner. Aside from Kim Kardashian, who is a new editor at Ok!, Cobra Starship members were the only other "famous" people at the party. Towards the end of my night, Fashionaunta and I were guided to the opposite side of the venue. It was nearly impossible to move at a steady pace because the place was packed like a can of sardines. In the midst of our transportation, I felt liquid going on my hand and then onto my leg. I looked behind me and said "Whoa, whoa, whoa.." There was an older man behind me, and it looked like he was in his early fifties. "YEAH! THAT'S BECAUSE OF YOU!" I asked if he was kidding. "NO THIS IS YOUR FAULT!!!" The man yelled at me and gave me a deadly stare... for spilling his drink on me when he was standing behind me, squeezing to get through. Weird, but true.

Yesterday was the day I had been anticipating for six weeks. I woke up at 6:15 and prepared myself for the show. I was out of the apartment by 7:20, dropped my overnight bag off at the office at 7:50, and entering the tents at Bryant Park at 8:00 sharp. There was a whole staff helping, putting names on every seat, people fixing speakers, models getting hair and make-up done, and last minute names being put into seating charts. I had a chance to sit for a few minutes and talk until it was time to start escorting celebrities into the back of the tent and walking them to their seats.

The first person I escorted was the younger boy from Ugly Betty, Mark Indelicato and his guest, a girl that was his age. As we were walking, his publicist goes "Mark, what's with the boots?" (He was wearing combat boots with shorts.) "I'm trying something new. I'm being fashion forward," he replied. A few more steps and paparazzi jumps in front of us. He takes a few photos, we walk a little more, and right outside of the entrance are more photographers. "Mark, can you take a few pictures?" "Mark, you look great!" "Mark, over here! Mark! Mark!" And then we're in, with me leading he and his guest to their center of the runway seats.

Next, Kelly Rowland. After I had run a handful of dresses over to her hotel the day before, she came wearing her own clothes. A little disappointing, but didn't take away from the fact that she was super sweet. We talked about Fashionaunta and made small talk until I made people move out of my way, getting to her seat which was right next to Kim Kardashian. Next up was Shanae Grimes. I didn't personally escort her, but Abby and another guy from IMG did. The paparazzi went so crazy that they ran backwards into an innocent man who was just trying to grab a taxi. Shanae wasn't wearing Badgley either and claimed that it was because nothing fit her. The last person I escorted was Tamara Tunie. I really had no idea who she was, or what she was famous for. As we were walking, a member of the papz said "Hey doc!" and she said a friendly "Hello" back. Once she was in her seat, Abby called and we had figured that everyone was in and we were ready to go.

It was show time before I knew it, and I was so fortunate to be a "seat-filler" in the middle of the runway, fourth seat in from where the models started walking on the other side of the U-shaped runway. First Fashion Week, first fashion show, front row. My heart was skipping beats. The music choice for the show was perfect, the models looked great, the clothes looked even better, and I was beside myself for fifteen minutes. The show ended quickly. All I could think was, "That's it?!" Six weeks of stuffing envelopes, labeling them, twelve thousand voicemail's, another twelve thousand follow-up calls, all of that for FIFTEEN MINUTES?! I was held back in amazement. The show from beginning to end was an impeccable success, and I am so grateful to have been a part of it.

After the show, we all ended up backstage, talking amongst ourselves and taking pictures. All I wanted was oatmeal from Starbucks, so after another fifteen minutes, I borrowed Fashionaunta's flip flops and walked to Starbucks. The guy behind the counter asked for my name after I ordered my iced chai-latte. I told him my name. "Not here it's not. Your name is Lovely," he said. And my oatmeal was free. Score. "I have a venti iced chai with easy ice for Lovely," I heard as I was waiting for my drink. I couldn't help but crack up with the guy behind the counter and leave Starbucks still smiling.

I went up to the office, changed, and handed my Mark + James dress back to Abby. However, it felt more than relieving to slip on a pair of jeans and flip flops after running around in a dress and heels all morning. Abby, who's role is to play the Return Nazi, was ready to run over to the Badgley Mischka showroom to return the things that she had gathered thus far. She offered me to join her, and of course I accepted. When we went over there, Tara, Jess, the others who had helped, and the rest of the BM staff, were sitting around and talking. Racks were being brought in from the Bryant Park tents and to my surprise, a video of the show was ready to view. We all gathered around the flat screen TV with Mark and James, and watched the show that had just taken place. As everyone clapped, I took a step back in my mind to look at where I was, who I was with, and how amazing this whole opportunity was. I believe this is what they call "High on life".

A ton of food was delivered to the showroom, and we all dug in. My plate had calamari, penne alla vodka, chicken wings, and a slice of pepperoni pizza on it. The plate itself had "heart-attack" written all over it, but I finished it anyway. I was stunned at myself, but there was no doubt in my mind that it was all worth it.

The rest of the day was mellow and my energy level caught up with me faster than I had expected. I was drained, and all I longed for was pajamas and a bed. Around 7 p.m., Fashionaunta and I arrived at home, only to find my cousin DJ Steve1der and his girlfriend, Brett at the kitchen counter. It was good to see them as always, but I felt like a walking zombie and wished that I could have been a little more lively. I fell asleep on the couch at a quarter past nine watching the new series "Melrose Place". I don't remember getting into my bed, but I can assure the world that I did not receive enough sleep. But I'm not complaining, my life is Fashionieceta Fantastic.

If you would like to read more feedback from the Badgley Mischka Spring 2010 Collection show or see more pictures, here are a few links:

Until next time.

XXO- Fashionieceta.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Badgley, Betty, & Beyond

Yesterday was Sunday, and I came to work! I really didn't mind due to the fact that I love my job, but after calling five pages of people with their seating assignments I never wanted to touch a phone to my ear again. It was Tara, Jess, Abby, Sing, a friend of Jess' that's here to help with the show, and me. We called and called. The upside was that we were treated to lunch that was beyond delicious. I went home exhausted, had some chinese food, and saw that narcissistic asshole, Kanye West, ruin Taylor Swift's amazing moment.

Not only has today been a b-e-a-utiful day, but it has been a busy one. The show is tomorrow, but surprisingly I haven't had to help PR at all. I came to the office at a quarter to ten, sent out a few e-mails to tell people their seating assignments, and one phone call. The show is TOMORROW. It's surreal to think back and see the progress that has been made in six weeks. It went by so incredibly fast. I met Abby at the Badgley Mischka showroom, where she was picking out dresses for Paula Abdul. When she was done, I took the dresses, hopped in a cab, and went to the Tribeca Grand Hotel to drop off the dresses to the room where Paula's alias name is "Betty Crocker." I wish I were kidding. When I returned to the office, it was no time before I snagged Kelly Rowland's dresses and transported them to the W Hotel, where she was staying, under her real name. I came back only to find out that Betty Crocker hated her dresses. Ugh.

I lunched with Sing in Bryant Park which was packed with people attending shows, playing botchi ball, and lunching themselves. When I returned, I was sent to go pick up and ice cream cake for Sutton, Fashionaunta's new assistant. The cake was in celebration of her 25th birthday. On the way back into the building, I was looking down holding the cake, and both of the elevator doors slammed into each of my shoulders! I was subway crunched for the first time and it was a lot more painful than one would think. Immediately after putting the cake in the 4th floor freezer, I ran back to the Badgley Mischka showroom. In the showroom was Abby and Betty Crocker's stylist. After they had picked out another ten dresses for her to choose from, I picked out a dress that the Badgley staff is allowing me to wear to tomorrow's fashion show. I'm really excited about wearing the dress. I'm excited because it's very cute, and it's from the new Mark + James line that hasn't even launched yet!

It was back to the office for cake and to wish Sutton a Happy Birthday. Before the cake was even cut, Abby hung over my desk. "Okay, it's time!" I left to shoot back to Tribeca and deliver the new ten dresses. I walked up to the front desk of the hotel for the second time today, and when the man behind the desk asked who the delivery was for, I replied, "Betty Crocker". We shared a laugh and a mutual understanding.

Tonight, I'm attending an Ok! Magazine party at The Griffin, with Fashionaunta. I'm very excited to attend, and also the fact that Fashionaunta is back at Iconix!

I would also like to congratulate Model Jon, who has become a very good friend of mine in such little time, for booking four shows in New York Fashion Week. I am simply thrilled and wish him the best on his Michael Bastian show, where he'll be walking out second tonight! In the Fashionieceta world, we like to call something like that "kinda a big deal".

Tomorrow's the big day! I'm Fashionieceta Freak-ing.

XXO- Fashionieceta.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fashionieceta Friday

I was greeted by Model Jon this morning: "How are you on this rainy day? Did you swim to work?"

Today Fashionaunta actually came to work with me for the first time in what feels like two weeks! Two weeks, or not, it was closer to two weeks. But, that's what you can do when you're Fashionaunta. Igor, the driver of our LIT bus, went a little nuts today. In all honesty, I have never met a more passionate bus driver. He really did his best to get us to the city as fast as he possibly could. He knocked down branches of trees on residential streets and went over any curbs or through any highway "shoulders".

It was a late start to the day, but when I got in, I checked RSVP voicemail's for the show which is SO SOON. Only two messages that were requesting seating assignments. Now, people are getting on my nerves. WE HAVEN'T FINISHED THE SEATING SO RELAX AND BE PATIENT. God, you're all annoying.

I didn't take a lunch break, but I am now extremely obsessed with these "all natural crackers" by Ricepod. They are called the "Seasame Mix". While eating these and doing some follow up calls for the show, none other than The Big Man himself came walking past my desk on the 8th floor! I haven't seen The Big Man in a while, so it was very nice to see him. He asked if I was still updating Fashionieceta, and I had been just as he had asked. When he came over to my desk, I really had no other idea than to offer him one of my Seasame Mix rice puff things. He took one! Ask him, they're good.

Sooner than later, the Trey Songz meeting took place. I have personally never seen so many people in the conference room. Trey and his associates were in my viewpoint, solid. They were personable, kind, smart, and easy company. It was more of a meet and greet type meeting, seeing what he's about and letting him in on how Iconix works. Trey himself was eye candy, and his humble personality put the icing on the cake. He has a blog as well, so if you want to check it out it's:

The rest of the day has been spent working on the seating chart. Sing and I were left behind while Tara, Jess, and Abby went to the Badgley Mischka showroom on 7th ave. I would like to thank one of my co-workers Cory aka Coco or Coco Chanel for being such a great sport for being the one of the two straight men on the floor and dealing with all of us crazy Iconix women. You're the best Coco. The weather can kiss my ass in Macy's window. But hey, it's Fashionieceta Freekend Five.

XXO- Fashionieceta.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fashionieceta's First Fashion Week

Okay, so the other night as I said, I had dinner with my cousins. We went to Wildwood BBQ on 18th and Park. It was a very enjoyable group, lots of smiling, lots of love in a table of just six. The fact that I will be able to do this frequently is exciting in itself. HOWEVER- As I was eating my half rack of baby back ribs, I found a very fine piece of short hair. After a discreet bitching, my cousin Geri had convinced me it wasn't a big deal. I put that rib aside, and continued onto another. I found another fine, short hair. Geri then tried to tell me it was the brush that the chef was using. I don't care where it was from, the fact that I had now found two hairs in my food was enough to make me pitch a mini fit. All of my cousins, the waitress, and the manager talked to me. The manager told me that the chef was using a new brush for the ribs and that it was clearly shedding. For some reason, after triple assurance that it was the brush that the chef was using, I was still convinced that it was the chef's chest hair.

Yesterday morning, getting off of the LIT bus, I saw the tent's in Bryant Park completely set up, people in all black standing outside, lights, and a news van outside of the park. Fashion Week has started, and I cannot even begin to describe the rush of excitement that shot through my body, seeing all of this right before my eyes.

It had been one of those days where I feel an unexplainable happiness and fortune for the events and opportunities that come my way. In the morning, I went with Abby to the Badgley Mischka showroom to pick out dresses that we could lend to the celebrities that are attending our show. The celebrities are the following: Paula Abdul, Alexa Ray Joel, Tea Leoni, Jill Hennessy, Ana Ortiz, Fran Drescher, Erin Lucas, Kara Dioguardi, Tamara Tunie, and Kelly Rowland. We also selected two dresses for Erin Kaplan from 'The City' to wear to the VMA's this weekend. While doing this, I spotted the dress that I wore to prom and sadly had to return, next to the dress that Kellie Pickler wore to last year's Badgley Mischka fashion show. As cool as that is, it only gets better. Mark Badgley and Jamese Mischka were in the office today. Since I had seen my dress, I told Mark that I saw it in the back. He asked which one it was, and after I described it, I showed him pictures on Facebook from the event. Mark thought that the dressed looked great, and called James over who then agreed. I sat there trying my best to play it cool, but inside I was freaking out thinking "What other girl from my prom could say she sat down and showed the designer of her dress pictures?!" Lucky. Very lucky.

Next stop was Sequin. Inside of Sequin were the most vibrant colors, tons of amazing jewelry, cats, and rabbits. I was fortunate enough to meet the owner, her brother, and cousin. Abby and I were like two kids in a candy store in the equivalent of Disneyland for jewelry, picking out options for celebrities and staff to wear to the show. But of course, we have to give it back. I chose a beautiful yellow necklace for myself to wear! I had to scoot from Sequin earlier than Abby to run Erin Kaplan's dresses over to the building Elle is located in on Broadway between 50th and 51st.

I lunched with Model Jon, Lars, Sing, and Sing's friend Sam, and downed Subway for the second day in a row. Because it is Fashion Week, Sing and I didn't take our full break and came back up to the 8th floor a little earlier. We worked on RSVP's until Abby kidnapped me to the Badgley Mischka showroom again. Kara Dioguardi was coming into the office to chose a Badgley Mischka dress to wear to our Spring 2010 show on TUESDAY, so we had to set dresses and jewelry up to look presentable. Kara was so beautiful, stylish and genuine. There was a man in his forties that was accompanying Kara. He was buzz-bald, tall, wearing a pink button-down shirt, with blue jeans. Who was he? He was her business partner, manager, videographer, photographer, and friend. The funny thing is, this dude was more of a diva than Kara. Weird, right? I thought so. Abby and I tried making small talk with him, but he seemed to look at us in a confused, yet demeaning manner with every response he gave us. Almost two hours later, I returned to the office to finish up a few RSVP calls and before I knew it, it was time to leave.

Hello, Fashion Week.

XXO- Fashionieceta

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fashionieceta Follows Up

Today, I immediately started calling pages of people to follow up on the status of their RSVP for the Badgley Mischka Spring 2010 show on September 15th. I can't hardly believe how fast time has gone by and how soon the show is. There were only two voicemail's this morning, but nine once I finished eight-hundred follow up calls. I left so many follow up voicemail's that I would consider myself, in the most humble way possible, a professional.

Trey Songz was supposed to come into the office today at 3 p.m., however at 3 I found out that he is re-scheduled for Friday. I am very much looking forward to that!

I went with Tara and Jess from PR to look at the Fashion Week tents in Bryant Park. It was so interesting to see how they decorate and set up the tents inside. In the "lobby", the Bryant Park fountain is being decorated. They already had two of the nicest Mercedes' I have ever seen in each corner when you immediately walk in. This may come as a surprise, but I get as excited as a man when I see a nice car. These were sexy. We walked to the main tent where the Badgley Mischka show will be held. The seats were set up, the U-shaped runway was set up, and there were tape markings for where all of the media will be crammed. We walked backstage to a big open space that had one flat screen television and multiple, tall rolling racks. Behind this, was a hallway where celebrities will enter, and around the corner was a cool VIP lounge. I passed a room that had mirrors and lights set up at tables, again, in U-shape. It's all becoming so real.

I returned to the office to finish up my professional follow up calls, check the BM voicemail, and enter RSVP's into Filemaker for the one and only Tara! I love Iconix, and I love New York.
I never want to leave. Tonight, I have dinner with three of my cousins! I'm so excited that we can all get together and it's so convenient. Fashionieceta Family Orientation calls for a great meal, don't you think?

Until tomorrow!

XXO- Fashionieceta.