Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Drake Riots

Drake. Love him, but I'm mad at him. Wednesday, Talibobz and I decided to flee to the free concert being held by Paper Magazine featuring Drake. 10,000 were expected to show, but twice as many did. It was truly disgusting and impossible. The sea breeze was blocked by the massive amount of body heat that surrounded us at all times, and the only way to breathe fresh air was to aim your head up to the sky. Not to mention, Drake was clocking 2 hours tardy.

After making minimal progression into the gross crowd, two fights on opposite ends of the crowd broke out, causing everyone to have a domino affect on the innocent bystanders. Before you know it, water bottles full of liquid are being thrown up, down, all around in every direction and people starting to get way too hectic.

Needless to say, we pushed our way out of the crowd. After getting across the street, we looked back and saw metal chairs being thrown onto a sea of people. A RIOT over this! Ambulances on their way to the crowd, police letting everyone get into the subway for free just to get them out. I couldn't believe how low people stoop and ruin the opportunity to have a good night. Lesson learned- Never go to a free concert. Truly disappointing.

As far as Thank Me Later goes, I had higher expectations. I personally haven't really found a connection or vibe to it. I still stand by the opinion that Drake is amazingly talented in the music career, being a great lyricist, singer, and rapper. Haters- go home.

XXO- Fashionieceta


  1. --SO ANNOYING!!

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