Friday, September 23, 2011

The Time Is Right

Back in '09, Jon and Azad were going to drop a mixtape. I was so happy with their music, that I didn't understand why Azad decided to keep pushing it back from there on out.

Now I fully understand. A few days ago, Azad released
  "The Time Is Right". (click to download for free)

The production from Jonathan Marquez, Professor O, and David Dann on this tape mixed with Azad's lyrics will put any doubts of this new era of music to rest. 

Azad lets his thoughts and feelings out through his music.. Everything that he voices is organic, explicit, and done with his whole heart. You can physically feel it when you listen.
I know for a fact that each and every fan and blog reader who has heard of Azad can connect to his lyrics in some way, shape, or form. He is infectious. I could and probably will spend the next month tweeting quotes from this mixtape because the flows are ridiculous and I feel a strong amount of what he says, or I simply respect him so much for keeping it so real.

Some Personal Highlights...

"My dad went blind and there's still no cure,
 but he made the victim when he gave me his vision./
And you people wonder why I'm insanely ambitious,
 gotta make a difference every time I approach a track./
I try to close the gap and rap
I know my heart imploded the moment he was diagnosed, in fact/
I use my voice on the mic/
as a way to fill that void in my life."

"All the things that I used to be embarrassed about
are coincidentally all the things that I cherish now./
I used to think that I was whack cause I wasn't black,
So I started blackin' out on every fuckin' track."
-that's just outright sick. 

Santa Monica
If you're from Santa Monica, you will just know that this is our anthem.

The Fire ft. Sofia Enggren
Sofia has a beautiful voice and I'm proud to also call her a close friend of mine for 8 years.
She kills it in this song.

Stained ft. The Bridge
"Liquor sippin slippin i'm fuckin trippin/
Got a half british broad and she's puffin on somethin' wicked."
Who doesn't die for that line?
The Bridge happens to be another friend of mine for a long time. I have seen him work so hard through the years to create masterpieces such as this one. This song just goes hard, and I can honestly say it is one of my all time favorites. Bravo, Yoni. One love

Caught In A Dream ft. The Bridge
"I'm not happy with myself unless I'm being productive,
You might think it's a curse,
But I mother fuckin' love it."
I love surrounding myself with people like this.

Promises ft. Jenilee
I had the pleasure of watching this song come to creation in my living room. It's so real that I feel it hit the pit of my heart every time it plays. A fun fact is that Jon named this song, and Azad wrote separately, and somehow they had the same interpretation of what the song would be about, just by the production. 
 It's a masterpiece. Jenilee kills it on the hook.

I can only express how much I believe in these guys so much. It's up to the rest of you to download the mixtape and vibe to it yourselves. 

4 5 'til I die.
I'm so proud of you all.


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