Monday, November 26, 2012

Do You Right- Bridge

I think it's amazing that I'm inspired by my peers. As previously mentioned, I think our generation is the one that's really going to take flight, be different and more daring. I know that our wave is going to make an insane impact in every way possible. 

I've always wanted to have a different dynamic than other bloggers. Yes, I love fashion and my job as a marketing coordinator in Manhattan. But there is so much more to me and my surroundings, and I've finally found a way to describe what makes this blog different. I've taken my passion to write, my own life and combined it with the enthusiasm I have in my incredibly talented friends. I admire them for what they do, and for inspiring me. I will worship the people who influenced us to get here, but to be inspired by your own generation.. that's dope- because we're not even getting warmed up yet.

Without further ado, Bridge has released another song, 'Do You Right'.
Another dynamic production that can't be easily categorized- it's different in the best way possible. This song has been the background soundtrack to my evening. I hope you vibe out to it as well as I do. 


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