Monday, March 1, 2010

What Could Speidi Be Up To?

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By Saturday, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag were following the @candiesbrand team. None of us are following them, nor did we tweet them. So why would Heidi and Spencer follow us? And WHY are they following 70,000 people or more? Could it be possible that the fame whore couple needs the attention? Sad. This couple looks like they will take any opportunity that comes their way. It looks like they're even saving some people effort and going to them!

Little does Spencer know, we used to live in the same neighborhood back at home. We had a few encounters at our village café, Café Vida, and some driving down the block. If I were Spencer, I wouldn't be surprised if one of the 70,000 people I follow on Twitter happened to be an old neighbor though... I'd almost expect it. After a one on one conversation with Spencer who chose to bash Lauren Conrad 3 minutes in, you'd just come to the realization that he's another guy who thinks he's got it all.

Heidi, on the other hand, is a huge mystery to me. I can't decide if she freaks me out, or if I just feel sorry for her. I wouldn't be surprised if she was following the Candie's team in hopes of being our next spokesperson. I wouldn't doubt it for a second if she thought her auto-tuned album that sounds like one big terrible song was going to sell as much as "Thriller". Let's not forget her completely unnecessary plastic surgery stunt. Yikes! Even writing about it is making my stomach turn. Speidi needs to take it easy.

In other news, Fashionaunta was in LA last week. When she was at LAX to catch her flight back home to NY, she ran into a couple, breeding teacup morkie's. Yes, she came home with a ten week old puppy!!! Her name is Lola, and Lola is the most precious, tiniest living thing in the entire world.

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