Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fash Shout Out

The other day I received a blog shout out from a Twitter friend who also carries her own blog.

I was labeled in an entry as one of her favorites.
I was so flattered that I had to take a snapshot.

It always takes me by surprise when people deliver feedback about Fashionieceta. It's something I value more than anyone knows. To know that people are taking their time to read what I have to say and actually remaining interested and finding enjoyment through my creative outlet is simply humbling and motivating.

I was just talking to someone I met last night about blogging. She was so enthusiastic when we found out that our blogging hobby was something we had in common. 
It made me realize that I wish I could blog more.
Why don't I blog as much?


- Work has become a little more real from the time that I started

- My computer is a POS. It's missing a key on it's keyboard, it doesn't play sound, and its life is hanging by a thread. 

-Blogging doesn't come as naturally without the flow of a strong working computer

When I first started Fashionieceta, it had a completely different vibe. It was strictly about my life, work, how much I ate, etc. I vibed it out as time went on and I've realized that Fashionieceta isn't ever going to be consistent in content. I wanted to write about things that people are going to be interested in, and as soon as I started thinking about what readers wanted... That's when I became stuck.

Last night we were laughing about how we write about ourselves and no one cares.
But the thing is, people kind of do. 
It made me realize that my blog is mine, and I could care about what people think... or I could write freely the way I used to without thinking about whether people care or not.

I have noticed that people idolize my life as they see it through my blog.
Things that happen in a regular day of mine could be surreal in another persons eyes, and that is always an eye opener for myself. It makes me feel lucky, blessed.

It could always be worse, but life is what you make it.
I try and remember that in my harder times.

If you read my blog, I appreciate it more than you all know. 
I thank YOU for your time and hope that the motivation keeps coming.

Stay tuned.

XXO- Fashionieceta.

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