Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fash's Fortunate Company Follie-day Party 2010

Our company holiday party was two Thursday's ago. The morning before the party, a memo went out that there would be an American Idol competition and a So You Think You Can Dance competition. AI prize was $3,000 and the Dance prize was $4,000. Those are BIG numbers you're talking to a Fashionieceta that is not rolling in dough. 

Ez-E and Rebs, two relatively new coworkers and friends convinced me to do the American Idol contest with them. Needless to say, we were nut-cases for the following 24 hours. Our song of choice was "Take Me or Leave Me" from the musical "Rent". Not the easiest song, but one we all knew and had the most charisma practicing together. 

Thursday night we're at Provocatur for our holiday party. NER-VOUS. Singing is something that people get made fun of and something that can easily be humiliating. American Idol probably withholds many more people's interest throughout their audition process. 'Nuff said. I really can't think of how to describe how nervous I was as soon as they put a mic into my hand. First of all, we did not practice with mic's and I was not ready to hear my voice through speakers for the first time AS I PERFORM.. and I wasn't going to be plugging my ear Mariah Carey style to see if I was on pitch. After a woman from Peanuts sang an on-pitch version of "At Last", we just had to wing it. 

Every compliment, encouraging statement, piece of performance advice went soaring out the Provocatur windows. I don't remember much of the performance. Just that my body was shaking and the entire time I felt off pitch. 

Maybe next performance I will have a little more faith in myself because.. we walked away with 2nd place splitting $2,000!!! Was it worth it? Absolutely. Would I do it again? Absolutely. We made a mark for ourselves for the 2010 Holiday Party. 

Towards the end of the party, Big Man was speaking to the company before our iPad raffle.
"and then 'someone' said.. 'Why don't we get everyone iPads?'.. so you're all going home with an iPad tonight." The place went NUTS.
Guarantee that my Big Man is better than your Big Man unless your Big Man is a Big Woman named Oprah. 

I've just recently started to notice how once a person changes their mindset for the better, things seem to fall into place. And they fall into place a lot faster than you would ever expect. A few months ago I worried heavily about money, a contest with the result of second place and a holiday bonus fell into my pocket.. my second to last blog speaks about how my computer is hanging by a thread, an iPad falls into my lap. It's truly amazing.

It's been a year since I've been home in LA. In three days I will be reunited with my soil and the core of my heart.. my friends. 

The holiday spirit is definitely in the air I'm breathing. 

XXO- Fashionieceta

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  1. Congratulations on your prize. Seems your talents keep growing. Have an amazing time with your family!