Thursday, January 3, 2013


 Another day, another beanie.

I adopted and proceeded to abuse the word 'trill' after my coworker asked what it meant one day a while back. I was one of two people who could answer his question.

A friend told me that the word 'truth' was their version of 'amen'. Trill is a combination of true and real.. an embellishment of how true or real something is or can be. It sums up so much in so little, and I'm all about that.

The Trill Princess beanie produced by 10th Tribe is a short-lived exclusive collab with my trill princessa, Rachel, of  I Hate Blonde.  Why Rachel? Because when you're with her, not a minute is wasted. It's a tribal thing. 

Some people have tried to tell me that "trill" is dead.
So I came out and put it on bitches heads.

Black beanies with gold embroidery available for purchase 1.26.13
Only 50 beanies will be made.


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