Friday, July 12, 2013

Magna Carta Holy Grail | Jay-Z

First Yeezus and Born Sinner.. and then Jay-Z snuck one up on us. Since becoming a New Yorker I've gone back and listened to all of Jay's work. I find it easier to comprehend and relate to living here, and also craving the same level of success. He isn't a business man.. he's a business, man. 

I think Magna Carta Holy Grail is great. I feel sorry for the people that can't appreciate it. What people have to realize is that Jay doesn't have to rap for a living anymore. He makes music for the passion and as a form of expression. If you're comparing it to all of his other work you're doing something wrong. I appreciate the succession of the story. His past work has made him who is he is and influenced his artwork today-and he collaborated with a forceful team that helped put this project together. 

Music never stops..

I'm not mad at this album at all, it's been on play start to finish every day for the past three days.. 

Bad b*tch iknowimboutit!

Alana Sue/Fashionieceta

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