Wednesday, October 23, 2013


It all sort of comes back to what I bring up from time to time about everyone craving their team, their "pack" in life. The team of people that they can count on as their soul family, to be loyal and merge talents in order to rise and succeed together. I've learned that this is a common denominator amongst my generation more-so, but also for the one before us, as I've become more rooted in New York. I don't think this is something "new", but I definitely think over time people have become too caught up and in a way, lost sense of reality and what life is truly about. I really love supporting the things I think are dope because these days it's so much easier to be seen and heard...Why not support the homies and their hustle? These days we have the ability to expose and discover hidden gems... We are the new media.

Bonafied was established in New York. It's a lifestyle brand with various elements including; music, fashion, and management. Their focus is to put out quality material in an innovative approach. The Bonafied team prides themselves on being raised on the streets of New York City. One of their motto's is "From the streets, for the streets." They let their work speak for them, not saying much themselves and use creative expression to send the messages they have. Bonafied is just one of those things you'll have to hear about on the streets.. word of mouth. Follow the movement..

Shout out to SVESNA for the photography and styling.


shot by: @_svesna_

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