Friday, April 25, 2014

B is for Braids- Hair By Illy

I've said it before, I'll say it til you all hear me. Life is about finding the people that enhance your life, the people that lift your spirits higher and help you live out your goals and dreams. Nothing less.

I had the chance to get in on a project for the iLLest hair stylist in NYC, Illy. This was a dope experience- going out on a Saturday to meet a group of people for a creative gathering and vibing out, all sharing the same excitement wanting to help Illy meet her vision.

Illy's fingers work magic, so hit her up and follow her on insta- @HairByIlly.
Styled by Ed Garrido @ED_CULTURED
Behind the lense: Sais @Sais9Jordanz
Make-Up by @AzizaDoesMakeUp

B is for Braids. Shouts out to UPTNY.








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