Monday, April 21, 2014


Protect yourself the most when you are happy. You're an easy target for the people that are not.

Perspective. It's everything, really. It's said that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. The statement couldn't be more true. A personal experience recently has inspired me to vent, and hopefully shine some light on anyone else who's experienced or experiencing anything similar.

I'm a social person, but I've learned the hard way when it comes to realizing that not everybody is your friend- some people thrive off seeing you fail, some people hang out with you because they think you can leverage them in some way, and most importantly.. misery loves company. Energy vampires.

I am on a mission. Those who are also on a mission, understand exactly what I'm saying. That being said, I have absolutely no time to deal with pettiness. I have no time to deal with people who constantly victimize themselves. I have no time for people who want to bring me down in any way. It's simply the process of elimination out of protection of my own path. Some mistake it as me being a bitch, or cold. It could all be so simple... communicate like an adult. Pick your battles wisely. And when something isn't working for you, TAKE ACTION. Change it yourself.

I wanted a platform to share some recent growing pains I've been going through. I know myself enough to know that my intentions are pure. I keep it 300 at all times. I know myself enough to know that I am a good friend, and my most common mistake is thinking that people can reciprocate what I have to offer as a human being. The texts I'm about to show you are from two different people that I hung out with in the same week. Perspective.

The other night, I woke up from a nap swarmed with texts. I received two polar opposite texts that I could swear I was meant to read in the same sitting. One person was coming at me crooked. I had just recently brushed off something ridiculous, because after a night of celebrating Passover with my Bubbie, the call I got actually made me angry. I was mad that the person who called me ruined a moment with my grandmother that I had been looking forward to with something they created to be a problem in their mind. I had to make the choice about going back to indulge in something that I, quite frankly, had no time for.

Text 1: This person clearly has too much time on their hands, or isn't happy with the choices they're making. They have crystalized into a spot in life where they have the time to fish for reasons to get mad at me, act like I am less of a person for whatever reason they can find.

This person will have their charger mailed to them. This isn't how I want to spend my time. This isn't a person that is happy. This isn't a "friend" that deserves my time. This person got me fucked up, because they aren't taking into account the type of friend that I have been for them. For whatever selfish reason- they want to bring me down. I ain't havin' that.

Text 2: From a friend that when I'm around them, I truly feel we can make a shift in modern day culture. We ramble about the power in us individually, and together as a youth. He wakes up every day and inspires whoever he can thru his own mission. It's been an incredible one to follow, and I'm proud to call this person my friend.

I had to really sit back and flip through both texts and analyze who they were coming from, and what their individual perspectives and daily routines consisted of. It genuinely amazed me to see how two very different people viewed me in two very separate ways. 

Who you spend your time with and who you give your energy to in this life is crucial. It has a domino affect on the rest of your life. Some people will try and stall you and some will stick by your side to cross that finish line. Ultimately, it's up to you. 

To those of you that actually read this.. you're dope.
Thank you for taking the time to read how the fuck I operate as a person.


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