Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fash Turns Twenny

Today is the day I turn 20. 
I miss my family and friends dearly, 
but the people around me, and my family near and far, 
have truly made this birthday special and it isn't even 11 a.m.

I am 'all done up' as they say.
My chandelier earrings are from middle school, also worn with a Badgley Mischka dress at junior-year prom. 

My gorgeous roses are from my work-aunt, Meemz, and the most beautiful arrangement from FASHIONAUNTA all go perfectly with my color scheme for today. My desk smells better than it ever has!! 
I want to look back on this birthday and remember how blessed I feel right now.
Not every 20 year old gets to welcome another year like this.

pinkleathervest: Zara
courtesy of: Model Jon

I love you all.
Thankful for you all.

And Frap, I'm still your Peanut.


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  1. Belated... Happy Birthday!!!!!