Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fashionieceta's FRΞΞZING

My uncle told me that the east coast is "testing" me to see if I really want to be here in NY. The weather channels all talk about how the current weather here is 10 degrees lower than normal for this time of year and how the whole world is experience a freeze curse. I mean, seriously? All I know is that a week ago, 80 degrees in LA was feeling pretty good.

Last week at work was very busy. Stuffing invites, clips, closet organization, pick-ups, requests, and returns. There are two new interns and we've all been working together as well as me doing my best to guide them through the processes of every part of PR that I know. On Tuesday, I went with Jess and one of the new interns, GP, to the Waverly showroom and set up for an event that took place on Wednesday. The event was to show editors the new fabrics that would be coming out for the next season. I put together gift bags with a towel set or a kitchen set, and the theme color seemed to be lime green. Not to mention, the view from on of the office windows at the showroom is simply amazing.

On Thursday at 3:30p.m., a fashion editor from Ok! Magazine came to pull clothing items and shoes for an upcoming shoot with Keri Hilson. The editor pulled from Rampage, Op, Candie's and Bongo. It was the longest request I have ever done in my entire life. I could have sworn it would take up five pages, or five days to write up. It wound up being five BAGS, but luckily two girls from the magazine came to pick them up.

Friday was one of the busiest days this crazy week. There were about three or four requests to type up and send out, one of them having to be shipped to Baltimore, Maryland for "Girl's Life" magazine. By the end of the day I thought my body was going to collapse out of fatigue, and I was more than grateful that I could go home, go to bed, and sleep in the next day as long as I wanted!

Saturday was spent vedging and babysitting my two cousins who have turned into little sisters, and watching Teen Nick ad nauseum. Sunday was my 10 year old cousin's birthday party. There was a Hummer limo outside of our house at 10:30 a.m., which then took our party of about 17 to Serendipity, leaving us all in a sugar coma by the time we arrived at home around 2:30 p.m. Sadly, we watched the Cowboys be defeated in our comfies while it poured all day and all night.

It's Monday and there are more returns to check in, requests to be sent out, invitations to be stuffed, and a closet to be cleaned. However, I never thought I'd see myself saying this... But the weather is thankfully going up to the 40's for the majority of the week!

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