Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fashionieceta FUBAR

Okay, I'll say it. I fucked up. I lost the consistency of my entries due to work getting busier and exhaustion. But when I was finally ready to catch myself up, my computer of three years decided to fail me, slowly but surely. Now, I have my work computer and I'm ready to be back in action. However, before I get to present day updates, I'll give a summary of highlights since my last entry.

Sing left Iconix for a paying job at Nordstrom working in the men's furnishing department. As sad as she was to leave, I'm sure no girl (especially Sing) would mind moving to a job that pays you to dress men. Throughout her time here, I observed her work and occasionally helped or tagged along for tasks and errands and learned the logistics of working for PR. Thankfully for me, it made an easy transition when PR needed my help, and made me feel that I held more value to the company. I still worked on the closet, checking in returns, and ran more errands. The errands were to either pick up requests from different licensee's and/or return product to them. I then learned how to work on actual requests.

Doing requests consists of a few things. First, Jess or Tara in PR receive an e-mail from an editor at a magazine requesting a certain type of clothing for their upcoming issue. They either know the exact product that they want from previous editor events or lookbooks that we sent to them, or give us a type of style they need, and we match it to the best of our abilities. After we have the product, I select one of the Microsoft templates Jess sent me. If we're sending one brand of product, I select the template for that brand. If we're sending several brands, I select the "Iconix" template. In the template, I write down everything I'm sending and print out two copies: one to put in our check-in binder, and one in the bag with product that I'm sending so the receiving end knows that I know what I sent, and so they can remember after they've used it. I leave the bag of product with Keryn at the front desk, and a messenger normally comes to pick it up and deliver it to the editor. After this, we hope that they decide to put our companies product in their upcoming magazine issue. Returns are simply checking in the product we've sent out into our check-in binder.

So in the midst of all of this work, I had a 3 week trip to LA from December 16- January 6. It was great to go home for the holidays/new year, and it was cool to know in the back of my mind, I was coming back to NY and starting on ANOTHER Badgley Mischka show for Fall 2010. Yes, that's right people, I get to work on my second Fashion Week!!! I'm sure I'll get a mix of emotion from every end. Excitment from the whole aspect of working on a big time fashion show, frustration with stuffing a thousand invites, annoyance with people who beg to be invited, arthritis from writing down RSVP's, and appreciation/gratitude for being able to have the real deal experience at such a young age.

I'm back in the concrete jungle where my dreams are hands down coming true. Alicia and Jay-Z are no joke. I'm back!

Time to start stuffing invitations.

Until next time.

XXO- Fashionieceta

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