Sunday, September 9, 2012

40oz Van.

There's nothing like having a special respect for a brand. It's even better when you hold respect for the masterminds behind it. Since befriending a crew of New York natives, I've been introduced to a new world. For those of you back home in Venice Beach, you remember the Rogue Status movement at the beginning. Now, Yo is doing his thing heavy and it still humbles me to see a DTA sticker thrown up in the East Village, or someone so far away from home rocking a gun show shirt. In a similar aspect, 40oz Van has started a movement in his home town of New York City.

As 40oz Van puts it, he "goes left, when everybody's going right". Instead of jumping into the t-shirt game, he decided to dominate the snapback field and so far, he's killing it. His hats are sold exclusively online via a link that is up for 12 hours. If you miss that slot, you miss that hat. This is what makes walking around with one of these hats that much more dope.

Behind every hat is an inspiration. For example, the latest red Balmain-inspired hat was released this past month in respect and remembrance for 9-11-01. This is different than a mainstream brand producing a product. This is coming from an individual who lived through this, someone who remembers that day so vividly and from such a personal perspective.

I've fallen head over heels in love with Manhattan after this summer, so whenever I spot a 40oz Van hat, I get a familiar humbled feeling. I have my eye out- these are the dudes that I want to see succeed, because their innovative and ambitious characteristics deserve recognition.

My ultimate favorite hat has to be the one of a kind Givenchy-inspired hat that 40oz Van can be seen wearing in his twitter avatar, or if you spot him somewhere in the city. When they branch into women's, please believe you'll be hearing about it right here and that I'll be snagging whatever they come out with. I dig this movement.

One Love to my Uptown Babis. 

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