Thursday, September 6, 2012

Adios, Summer 2012.

If there's anything that's been confirmed by this summer, it's that Manhattan is the best place in the entire world. I was able to experience life here through a new set of eyes, a new set of vibes, and a new set of venues. Of course, the places we went to and the fun we had was unforgettable. But what really makes a night magical is when the people you surround yourself with coast with one another effortlessly. Every Friday, I would feel butterflies in my stomach in anticipation for the weekend. Every world that meshed, worked. I will love the crew of summer 2012 forever. It started off with a routine of going to the meatpacking district, pre-gaming at RDV, and without fail winding up at Avenue. I can honestly say that Avenue has never let me down. Four o'clock brunches the next day at Russian tea room's we couldn't really afford, or a rooftop pool party. Starbucks was never a question, and Amy leaving was also never a question. She moved in every Friday until Sunday night or Monday morning, and then moved in for the month of August. I've never had such an amazing time living with someone.

Summer fling? Something was definitely in the air- but nobody's in love. The kid opened a new set of doors to my world and allowed me to see the city in a radical manner. The routine was then switched up every weekend with two common factors- starting at Catch and ending at 1Oak. Every time I walked into Catch, the perfect song was playing and almost set a vibe for the entire night. Worked every time. One of the places we witnessed things I can't even begin to fathom publishing at, was The Box. What an amazingly insane experience. I would recommend everyone to go there at least once in their life. They say that a summer love is never supposed to carry into the fall. The kid and I had a mutual agreement that Labor Day was D-day. I wish him nothing but the best and thank him for contributing to making my weekends that much better.

After 1Oak, it was likely that we wound up on a rooftop larger than the actual apartment it belonged to, or my place. Walking into Starbucks at 8am when people think you're just waking up isn't the greatest look. 

I had my best friend visit me before he went to Israel and was able to share my weekend world with him. Having someone I've known for almost the last decade was extremely humbling and I couldn't have had it be any better than it was.

I walked away from this summer with confidence about my future and answers from my past. I feel like I've made life long friends, and started a whole new foundation out here. There's nothing better than feeling like you can get to the top with the people you're surrounded by. I ended summer with a bang, really ready to transition into fall. 

Thank you to the key players in this summer... You know who you are.
I can honestly say that you guys are the reason I can walk away saying without a doubt that this was the best summer of my entire life. 


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  1. This is the trillest post ever. I love you forever Alana sue.