Monday, September 24, 2012

A$VP- Swagged Out

It is truly an amazing quality when a dude knows how to dress. Whether it comes naturally and looks excellently effortless, or it takes conscious thought behind closed doors... a guy who can dress is a guy who can dress, and that's an extremely attractive quality.

Admittedly, it took me a little bit later in the buzz to grasp the A$VP movement. ASAP Rocky's swag is the reason I finally decided to give his music a thorough listen and was able to appreciate it. However first and foremost, I'm always more interested in finding out what he's wearing or what high end designer he's currently bonding with. 

You can imagine my surprise when in a recent interview with GQ ASAP Rocky said, "If a chick wants to know who made my shoes she's got to take them off and look inside." I so badly want to believe that, but part of me thinks it's too good to be true. Clearly, designers who know what's really good want Rocky and his crew members swagged out in their product. 

I can't deny that I love what's going on here. I'm looking forward to seeing what these dudes do next because I wouldn't be opposed to them with their own twists on the market. Plus, jealous is an understatement when I see ASAP Rocky getting a fist full of RiRi's ass on stage in front of millions. What a dream, no?

This isn't the last time I'll be talking about A$VP Rocky and his movement, trust. Don't sleep.

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