Sunday, June 2, 2013

Stuntin' in SVesna for Summer

My girl is at it again. From spiked skullies and snapbacks, to tie dye cut-off tees, SVesna is killing it for every season. Straight 187 back to back. No pun intended. These tees are a must-have for summer, especially if you're in NYC because it feels like you're wearing nothing, and you know how these days go. 

Bitches be like...I have to give Vesna her props. This girl is one of the hardest working that I know, hand crafting every piece herself. Every piece took her time and her energy to make us females feeling bossy. These shirts are hard to ignore because they're just that dope, and you all know it. So get you one.. 



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  1. Anonymous03 June, 2013

    How does she market the Tees? What is the price point?