Friday, June 14, 2013


YEEZUS Has Come.

Today, Kanye West's latest album leaked and it's been spread like wildfire. When I got the news, it pretty much made my week. Yes, I've been listening to it and I think in summary, Ye's puns, wit, and lyrical geniusness makes another classic. Per usual, Yeezy will rev some engines but I can only hope this set of songs gets the attention and recognition it deserves. 

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending Governor's Ball 2013 and watching Yeezy perform Sunday night where he premiered three new songs and went on a roll about the album- and I caught the entire thing on my phone and I've uploaded to YouTube to share with you. Thankful that I was able to be there in person.  I think it's safe to say.. I believe in Yeezus and I still plan on copping the album on Tuezday.


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