Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Girls Love Beyonce | Been Rare

It's true, women love Beyonce. She's lead an extremely accomplished life and we've grown up with her, seeing her transform from a young lady to a woman, a mogul, and still remains humble and carries a power filled relationship so many of us look up to. Beyonce and Jay have expanded their realm of music and turned themselves into business'. Hater or not, you know they're doing a few things right.

Meet one of my new favorite and regular shirts until further notice. WXMEN LOVE BEYONCE by Been Rare. The quality of these clothes is insane, I'm always feeling good when I wear this shirt. 

The shirt was inspired the recent wave Drake caused with the release of his song "Girls Love Beyonce". OVO sound or drown..

This will not be the only Been Rare item you see on my site, mark my words.



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