Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Music is everything. Have you ever noticed that when you're getting to know somebody one of the questions is, "What type of music do you like?" The question is never, "Do you like music?" It is ALWAYS, what music do you LIKE.  There is music in this world for everyone. Music is the universal language.

Will DJ For Food is a project that really hits my soul. One of the best parts about life is realizing your purpose, which is why I stand by this so heavily. When you find your passion, you never work a day in your life. But part of success is the struggle that comes before it. 

"Steve and Carl are the perfect people to lead this movement because they're so relatable and I feel people of all ages will connect with them and root for them because deep down they want them to succeed, so they can learn from this. And maybe reorder and re-prioritize their lives to put what they love and what they believe in and their passions before anything else. And maybe to get a better understanding of how important it is to measure happiness, not by the material possessions, not by the toys or the suits or the dresses... but to measure happiness by doing what you love, and how you affect others through what you do." - Director Erbz

Please watch the video below to get a first hand look on Will DJ For Food. I encourage anyone and everyone to donate whatever they can to support this team in their journey, in which their purpose is to spread love, energy, and displaying the ability to chase after the passions that light your fire and make you happy. This is what life is about.

Come together. Think better. Move forward.

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