Monday, October 19, 2009

Fashioniece Freekend: 10

Friday was my busiest day at work last week, and I loved every second of it. After clearing up my Bryant scenario, I had much to take care of. I picked out 60 guys shirts, 60 womens shirts, and another 60 boy shorts and tank tops to send to LA for the VIP lounge at the Op Presents concert on October 27th. After I purged the Op closet of 180 items, I helped Tara with the seating chart for the Badgley Mischka Spring 2010 Bridal Show that was being held in their showroom on Sunday. Amongst the guests, there were two attendants with the last name "Poon". I personally got quite the kick out of it. Following this, 225 packets needed to be printed out and stapled together for our BM show guests. This four-page packet consisted of the names of the models and the name of the dresses, in order of which they were to be presented. Once this was done, I had time to waste and went into the PR closet, where I saw the most amount of returns I have yet to see in my time here at Iconix. (When Sing sees those today, she will most likely have a panic attack.)

After work, it was off to Tessa's, where we ate a full box of Kraft mac and cheese to ourselves... each. We then went up to our friend from home, Chris' room, and hung out with the dudes. After about an hour and a half, Tessa and I returned to her room where we got ready for the night out. The night ended earlier than usual for us, around 3a.m., and the next morning left me drained and ill. I made it back home Saturday night where I received much needed TLC from Bubbie.

The next morning was Sunday, and luckily enough, Bubbie's apartment building was holding their annual brunch where everyone in the building is welcomed to come down and get to know each other and eat. I had to leave early from the brunch to head to the train station and into the city for the BM Spring 2010 Bridal Show.

I arrived at the showroom at 1p.m. I hadn't seen Mark and James in a while and I was genuinely happy to be in their presence again and working for them. Sing and I placed names on seats for one side of the room while Jess and a temp from the fourth floor did the other side. When we were just about done setting up, we watched the models do their run through of the show. After the run through, camera crew started filling in and Sing was sent downstairs to be the bad guy and tell people that came before 2:30 that they would need to come back, or wait to take the elevator up to the 22nd floor. When I looked around the room, I saw a familiar face. Remember the ORIGINAL Fashionieceta Freekend? The striving director that my cousin and I befriended was setting up right inside the BM showroom. What a small world! I had not seen him since that one crazy weekend, but was pleasantly surprised to reunite. Who knew, ten weeks later, he and I would be working at the same event? Crazy. Once everyone was ready, the showroom got uncomfortably crowded. People came out of the elevators, right behind the camera crews, which left the front of the showroom with everyone packed like sardines. People started to mingle, but in the wrong place. Eventually, time got crammed and everyone needed to be seated. Ironically, I sat the Poon's.

As Sing and I watched the models and the dresses go by, I turned to her and said "This is our life". Sometimes it occurs to me how fortunate my normal has become, and I appreciate it all over again. The last dress happened to be my absolute favorite, and when I told Sing, she mentioned that she could totally see me in it.

When the show was over, I went back stage, and Sing and I discovered food in the room where the models had been prepped. Obviously, it wasn't gone, so we helped ourselves. After the show, I said goodbye to the boys, and fled to the upper west side to retrieve my debit card that I had left behind accidentally the day before. Before I knew it, I was home watching Desperate Housewives and catching up on 90210.

Yesterday I left work early and went to bed at 6p.m.

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  1. Love it!!!! Wish you were doing more juicy things!!!