Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fashionieceta Finds a Flyer

Yesterday, while running a morning magazine errand with Sing, we were walking up 40th street, just above 6th Avenue right next to Bryant Park, when I stopped her from walking and screamed. I saw a little green bird on the sidewalk, stuck in a crack between sidewalk squares. A man picked it up and handed it to me, starting to talk about how it was a domestic bird and probably flew out of a window of somebody's. I brought the little birdie into the magazine store with me, holding onto it in my hands making sure he was warm...assuming it's a he. As we were walking back, I realized that Sing and I had to name him! A man walked up to us and said "If you want to name your bird, you have the perfect name, Bryant." Genius! I decided to bring him up to the office since he was so content in my hands.

The first stop we made was the 4th floor to show Keryn, our brilliant receptionist, our new little Bryant. Keryn, and everyone who saw Bryant fell in love. I brought him upstairs and showed everyone. Some people thought he was cute and some asked me "wtf" I was doing. Eventually, Bryant was held by CoCo Cruton and Rebecca and seemed fine. Someone gave me a box for Bryant, and when I tried to put him in, he flew! I was able to pick him back up, and after that, he stood and hung out on my pointer finger as I walked around the office and came back to my desk. When I tried to switch him onto my left hand in order to have my right available to type, he flew away again, but this time higher up onto the ceiling. He landed on a piece that is holding our office vent onto the ceiling, and fell asleep.

After a few minutes, I climbed on a desk... and a box, and gently snagged him off and decided to go ask Keryn downstairs for help. She set up a big box with a bunch of holes, and put a scarf that was being donated on the bottom of the box, and cut a cup which I soon after filled with water. I monitored Bryant for the rest of the day, and made sure that he got back into his box after flying out of it once around 6 p.m.

My Datty Fatty is the best father in the world, and supports my hockey obsession like no other in my life. With that said, he surprised me with two Ranger vs. Kings ticket's for last night at Madison Square Garden. I was so excited to finally see my Kings play, and this was my first time seeing them play away from home! It was also my first time attending any event in Madison Square Garden. I was accompanied by my friend Davis, who is a long term friend that I know from back home in LA. He came wearing his Lakers beanie and I came with my LA pride. When the Kings scored a goal, I stood up and screamed as loud as I do when we're at home. I was the only person who stood up in my section, leaving the rest of the section to turn their heads, look at me, and say "Are you serious?". It added a little bit of fun to the game with playful rivals and intoxicated hockey fans surrounding me. Sadly, my boys lost. However, I had an amazing time and am truly grateful that I had the opportunity to go.

As I was leaving MSG, it was 9:40p.m. The next train back to the island was at 9:45 and Bryant was still in his box at the office. I had the option of running back to the office and getting Bryant, which would leave me taking the 11:14p.m. train and arriving back to the island around 12:30a.m. So, after a call to Bubbie, I decided to leave Bryant in the office for the night, where he would be safer than outside on the sidewalk where I found him.

This morning as I was on Igor's bus, I received a Facebook notification from Justine aka Meme in our office saying that Bryant was loose. When I arrived at the office, Bryant was back in his box on somebody else's desk. I took him back to mine, and made sure that he was okay. He sat in my hand completely content as I worked and I was falling in love with him by the second. I put him back in his box so I could finish a task for the VP of Marketing. I took Bryant into the bathroom to see if he wanted to get a little bit of flying out of his system. He flew for a few seconds and I watched him like a nervous mother. Bryant landed in the trash can. I held him before I went to lunch, and then put him back.

Sing and I went to Forever 21 so she could pick out a cute outfit for a special occasion this weekend. We grabbed lunch, and on the way back parted ways while she went to the Danskin showroom and I headed back to the office. The first thing I did when I got to my desk was put my lunch down and go to check on Bryant- but his box was not where I left it. I asked around and heard someone in the back playfully say "We freed him!". I was really hoping that this was a joke, but as I kept asking around, no one would crack. I went to Keryn on the fourth floor and asked if she had taken Bryant and she looked at me and asked if I was kidding. Bryant is gone.

Someone in my office, on the eigth floor decided to take it upon themselves to take my bird and let it outside while I was out for lunch. The bird that I was planning on taking home and finding a home for. I am in utter shock and dissapointment that someone I work with would betray my trust, invade my personal space, and take Bryant and "set him free". He was a domestic, beautiful bird, and I was very excited to take him home and let him fly around in my room tonight. No one will tell me who took it upon themselves to act on such poor judgment, and the person who did it had the courage to take what belonged to me, but not come to me and tell me that they were the ones who did it and at least humor me with a minor explanation. Disappointment is an understatement for the way I feel right now, and I'm going to miss Bryant a lot. I can only hope that someone rescued him the way I did and he finds a proper home.

Until tomorrow.

XXO- Fashionieceta.

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