Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rainy ☂ Tuesday

As if we haven't been blessed enough by the gorgeous weather in New York lately, it is raining again and according to weather reports...again tomorrow. Fabulous. As much as I would love to blame the rain for ruining my day, it hasn't. I am happy to inform the world that I am having a great day, and I really hope my peers are too.

The day started with a two hour bus ride due to weather traffic. Fashionaunta and I arrived at work a little later than usual, but Sing had a project waiting for me right as I entered the office and threw my bag onto my desk. Our job was to sort clips (articles that mention any of Iconix's brands) by dates, and insert them into slip covers, followed by putting them in their individual brand binders for 2009 press. By doing this, it allows PR to go back and see the press we've received in 2009 for our brands. Sing and I rocked out to my MJ playlist in the conference room, and finished a lot faster than we thought we would have. When we proudly went to Tara with multiple completed binders, Tara told us there were ten more buckets of the exact same thing that we thought we were finished with. LOVELY.

Me, Sing, and Coco went downstairs to Café Duke for lunch. I finally ordered the perfect salad and enjoyed it very much! Our three senses of humor combined was refreshing and entertaining. We then walked to the Verizon store up the block so I could get information about getting a new phone. Fashionieceta lves her new technology.

After our time was up, Sing and I ran to drop off returns to the Danskin showroom, and then went to the Bongo showroom on our way back to the office. We flew up in the elevator to the 30th floor. I have a few issues; one of them being heights. My legs felt like they were made of steel and were extremely heavy, and I started to have a hot flash like a menopausal woman and sat down on the closest chair. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I am aware that I have problems. When we got to the ground floor, I felt like I weighed five pounds compared to the way I felt on the 30th floor.

Fashionaunta just treated everyone to Starbucks!! I love her, and that is one of the many reasons why.

If you haven't seen the new Charisma ads with Jason Lewis, check it out. Fuego.
JEALOUS that Fashionaunta got to climb into that bed with him.

Spending the night at our favorite cousin, Geri's place in the city tonight! Love her.

XXO- Fashionieceta

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