Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fashionieceta's First Winter in NYC ☃

Stevie and I had a lot of fun on the ice. We went as fast as we could, attempted to dance, and saw some characters. There was a woman that we named "Leaf Lady". Leaf Lady held one leaf in each hand and moved...somewhat close to the beat of the music being played amongst the rink. She was a trip to watch and provided a few laughs and smiles which is always good. Just as Stevie and I always tend to do, we made some new friends at the rink. One of the people being someone who works at the rink on the weekends. The rink employee had a prosumer camera, and with that being something we had in common, he took pictures of Stevie and I and one of our new friends. We all became Facebook friends and the pictures were uploaded on Tuesday.

We left the rink and headed to the lower east side. Stevie and I dropped off our bags, changed into more comfortable clothes, and went to a small restaurant for a late night crepe and coffee. It was delicious, but while walking out of the restaurant, I was still hungry. We stopped at a pizza place on the corner of Stevie's block, ordered pizza, and befriended the chef, Luigi. We snapped a picture of the three of us on my phone which Luigi wants printed out and placed on his wall! Stevie's apartment was so f'ing cold, that I fell asleep with my pajamas on, a pair of pants that I had to borrow from her, my sweater, and my new hat.

Tuesday, I worked for a few hours and then had to head back to the island for a few doctor's appointments. I went to one appointment and the other was cancelled, so I immediately headed back to the city due to CoCo and I having an Op interview with Matt Hartke that will be posted on the Op Amp'd blog. I came back to the office and before I knew it, it was time for CoCo and I to head out to The Living Room, the venue where Matt was performing his showcase.

We entered the venue and caught the end of Matt's sound check. He sounded so great, that it was as if an album was being played. I was thoroughly impressed. After an introduction, we sat down for the interview. I did my best, and it wound up being a lot of fun! Matt is a calm, funny, and charming guy, and was very easy to talk to. I definitely hope to cross paths with him again.

CoCo and I wasted about an hour until it was time to head back to The Living Room for Matt's performance. The man carding at the door wouldn't let me stay in the club due to the fact that I was under age. He was one of those men that took his job way too seriously, because clearly, there wasn't much else going on in his life. The fact that I was working seemed to go one ear and out the other, so CoCo and I left, and strolled from the LES to the west village. It was a nice walk, and I headed to Penn Station while CoCo headed home.

Yesterday morning, Fashionaunta and I were heading into work late due to an appointment she had. While we were at the train station, I pulled out the video camera that had the Matt Hartke interview on it and played it for her. To my surprise, she called me a "natural" and wanted me to do a quick interview with Phillip Bloch, a celebrity stylist that I have watched for years, and that happened to be coming into the office THAT afternoon. I was so flattered and excited. Opportunities like this are truly a natural high on life and steps higher to success.

The day started with me helping Sing stuff envelopes with letters and look books that needed to be sent out before 4 o'clock. In the midst of this task, Jess from PR pulled me to help with the new closet that's being shared amongst our new floor. Me, Tara, and Jess all worked on organizing the closet which I now hear is a disaster again! Yay.

I got lunch early because I was so hungry I thought I would bite my arm off, and got back to work. Time went by and there was pressure about all of the look books being sent out, just as Phillip was in Fashionaunta's office. Sing taking nine bags full of mail to the post office by herself was completely unrealistic, and since it was priority, I had to assist her and risk missing my opportunity to interview Phillip. No cab would drive us four blocks, and I was already grumpy because I was cold. Sing wound up pushing one of the crates on wheels in direction of the post office. I really thought this was some kind of joke because I did not think there was any way I was pushing a crate full of mail to the post office. Sing gave me no choice, and we started pushing.

To make the best of the situation, I decided "F it". I bent over, pushed the crate on wheels a little faster, and jumped on, body surfing on the mail in the middle of the sidewalk. People dodged out of the way, and really, I could not have cared less. They SHOULD be moving out of my way. Just one of the Fashionieceta ways to make the best of a situation.

Sadly, I missed my opportunity to interview Phillip because I was at the post office. However, he relayed the message to Fashionaunta that we could keep in touch and work something out for the near future, and for that, I am extremely grateful. I can't wait until that opportunity comes along! Phillip Bloch has been an iconic figure of mine for several years.

Today is Thursday, tomorrow is Friday. Just in case you didn't know. However, I have an exciting Maryland weekend ahead! Visiting a close friend from home for his birthday celebration, and spending some quality time with family! Very exciting!

Thursday's are such a tease.

Until next time..

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