Friday, November 13, 2009


On Monday, I decided to try something new with my style. I bought pants from American Apparel and Fashionaunta told me they resemble MC Hammer pants. I tucked a white shirt into my MC Hammer pants that came right below my chest, threw on some chunky necklaces and a blazer and called it an outfit. Little did I know, everyone at the office would be calling me "Poopy Pants" because I either looked like I was wearing a diaper, or I had enough room to poop my pants and hide it. WHATEVER.

My job this week was to pack up the Op Closet. It has been an adventure because once things were crated or boxed up, I had to unpack them and ship them out for a few different events. Thursday, I sent out six boxes of merchandise for a Nylon Magazine party that's going to be held at 1OAK, a club in Manhattan. Then, there were boxes that needed to be packed up for a Matt Hartke event this Tuesday. In all of this event craziness, there were still boxes that needed to be packed up and shipped out to off sight storage due to there not being enough room on our newly merged Iconix floor. Fashionaunta and I were leaving early on Tuesday, so I went to the venue where Tara and Jess from PR were having their editors event and helped set up for Wednesday and left early.

On Wednesday it was very quiet in the office. Fashionaunta went to LA for the fourth time since I've been out here, the VP of Marketing was on vacation in California, PR and Sing were at the editor's event, and the rest of us were in the office. Sutton, Fashionaunta's assistant that I call "Button" and I went to Baja Fresh for lunch. Sadly enough, we both realized that it had been over a month since we had it. Baja Fresh is so amazing, but so many calories, so we have to watch how much we eat it. When we ordered, they woman behind the counter gave us a stamp card. Every time we go, we get it punched until it's time for a free meal. I wanted to hug the woman and slap her at the same time.

The day was busy with packing up the Op closet until Abby told me that Tara wanted me to come to the venue where the editor's event was being held and see at least one editor come around. At the editor's event, they have appointments where each individual editor comes around the venue and looks at different Iconix brand products for the upcoming season. While doing this, they look for product that they would like to put in their magazine as editorial.

When I walked in, the place looked gorgeous. But the one thing that my eyes were instantly drawn to was the mound of chocolate covered strawberries and cookies set out. Since there wasn't an appointment taking place at the moment, I went and started stuffing my face. These strawberries were unbelievable. They had a variety of different toppings and while eating one, it took me a half an hour to get to the actual strawberry! They were delightful. Even though I was completely full, I kept eating the cookies that were also left out for all of us.

One appointment cancelled, and then the last editor was a woman from Lucky Magazine. She walked around each brand snapping pictures with her digital camera of things she would want to pull for the magazine. It was interesting and another experience, broadening my knowledge of how things work in this industry. Once the woman left, it was time to do a power pack up. Abby's i-Pod was playing and everyone was packing as fast as they could, until Justin Bieber came on and I was overjoyed, dancing around. Little Justin Bieber is my new obsession... I just want to squeeze him until he pops.

Sing and I caught a cab back to the office together, and I waited until the 8:07p.m. bus came. It was a long day, but definitely busy which is always an accomplished feeling.

Thursday was more organizing, more packing for us here at Iconix. Things needed to be sent out and everything was crazy and everyone was in a bad mood. As badly as I wanted to come down with Swine Flu, I didn't. Friday came and it really wasn't as crazy as I had anticipated. I'm sure that the IT people would strongly disagree, but I'm speaking from my end.

Abby had me work on an excel spread for media positioning in 2009. On the excel sheet it had the magazine, the month, the brand displayed, what page it was on, how many pages were in the magazine total, and the percentage of where the ad was placed in the magazine. It was Friday, and I was more than ready for the weekend. I headed back to the island.

On Saturday, Bubbie and I went to go see Burn the Floor, a dance show on broadway. The dancers were amazing and had me intrigued throughout the entire show. If anyone likes dancing, I would highly reccommend this show. We went back to the island for a filling Italian dinner, and I passed out shortly after we got home.

Today is Monday, and also Iconix's first day on our new floor. It's been full of trying to find boxes, unpacking, moving, and craziness. Sing isn't in today, so I've been picking up sample's for her. However, it's been somewhat refreshing because it's a nice day outside today.

Tonight, I'm going ice skating with my cousin, Stevie, and spending the night at her place in the city! Very excited. I feel as though a night like this is necessary.

Tomorrow is the Matt Hartke event, and yours truly is doing a special Op interview for the Op blog! I'm definitely looking forward to tomorrow.

XXO- Fashionieceta.

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