Monday, November 23, 2009

Fashionieceta Flees For Freekend № 15

As you all know, I went to Maryland for the weekend. When I look back, I realized that I didn't have any expectations for what this weekend would bring, but I can honestly say I did not know it would end up being as perfect as it was.

After a three and a half hour bus ride to Maryland, I wound up at Penn Station and then took a taxi to my friend Alec. When I got to his place, I met up with one of his friends who then took me to where Alec was spinning. I caught the end of his session, met his group of friends, and then we were on our way. Our night consisted of fun and dancing to live techno music by a DJ who was spinning near by in the area.

The air matress I slept on combined with the fuzziest blanket I have ever felt in my life, along with Alec's room being dark as night could have allowed me to sleep all day. However, I had great reason to get up and start my day. My cousin Niki and my Aunt Terri were coming to pick me up. I hadn't seen my cousin Niki since I moved back to Los Angeles after living with her, Stevie, and my aunt and uncle for nine months in Maryland almost three years ago. This gave the trip another special meaning. Not only was I seeing one of my good friends from home, I was able to be with family that I hadn't seen for so long and reunite with state that carries a significant amount of memories that contribute to who I am today.

I was picked up around 12:30p.m. Me, Niki, and Aunt Terri headed downtown to eat and walk around. We stopped to eat at a place called Meli. I couldn't decide whether I wanted breakfast or lunch, so when the waiter came to take our order, I told Aunt Terri to choose for me. She chose the waffles. When the waiter asked Niki what she wanted, she said she wasn't eating. I quickly made her order the crabcake that was the other half of my debate with myself on what to order. So yes, I ate breakfast and lunch. At the same time. Delicious.

If I haven't mentioned the fact that I HATE pigeons before, I will mention again. I HATE PIGEONS. Ever since I came to NY, I have noticed that the pigeons out here are ten times uglier, and ten times more daring. They get WAY too close and it really makes me despise them. With that said, after breakfastlunch, Niki and Aunt Terri and I were walking, when suddenly forty pigeons that were creeping around decided to ALL get up at the same time and fly away right over our heads. I really thought at that moment my heart was going to fail me. We meandered around the cute little area, stopping in stores where women followed us and stared at every move we made, and stopped for hot chocolate before we headed back to the house where I used to live.

I know I've mentioned before that I do not understand the whole Twilight hype. But today, I will admit that I completely get it now. Maybe not camping outside waiting to see the movie before it opens in theaters, but I do understand why people love it. Niki and I went with her brother, my other cousin, Brandon, and his friend to see New Moon. At one point, Brandon's friend asked me if I needed a napkin because I must have looked like I was about to drool at the sight of Taylor Lautner. Someone told me he put on thirty pounds for that movie, and let me tell you, that is the best thirty pounds I have ever seen anyone put on. I am so Team Jacob. Now, I feel obligated to read the books.

After the movie, Niki and I split to meet up with Alec. We went to one frat house and thirty minutes later headed to another where Alec would be spinning for a friends birthday. When Alec got things going, we started dancing immediately. Whether or not there were people dancing, Niki and I didn't stop until it was time for us to go. We went back to the house and stayed up in the kitchen, snacking on random food. Our original plan was to go back up to the lounge across from Niki's room and watch "My Best Friend's Girl". However, with my OCD in tact, I decided that we needed to make the bed before we slept in it. As I fixed the sheet, Niki jumped on the bed and laid down. At that point, our plan was executed and we both agreed that we could easily fall asleep right then and there. So that's just what we did.

The next morning, Niki woke me up. She told me that she was going to make me breakfast and we were going to watch "My Best Friend's Girl". Niki then noticed that we were low on everything she needed to make breakfast, so we went to Dunkin' Donuts for my first time, and ordered a feast. We started watching the movie, which was absolutely hilarious and I recommend it to anyone with a sense of humor.

Aunt Terri bought me my favorite cookies that you can only buy in Maryland unless you order them online. I was able to head home with two packs. I am starting to get concerned at how happy anything food related makes me. Thank you, New York.

Unfortunately, my time in Maryland was limited and Niki soon had to take me to Penn Station in order to catch my bus back to NYC. I had such a great time and come January, I definitely plan on going more often. I arrived back to the island before 9 p.m. and was able to tune into the AMA's. Lady Gaga's smashing bottles on a piano that was on fire made me question her even more, but the Lady is talented.

Week 16. Holy $h!+.

XXO- Fashionieceta

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