Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fashionieceta Freekend № 13

Thursday night, the coolest twelve year old that I know of arrived in NYC. My younger brother, Lucas and his mom, Marki. I met up with Bubbie and Lucas for dinner at the Stardust Diner on 51st and Broadway. When I walked into the diner, I looked around, trying to spot my brother. Out of nowhere he stands in front of me and he was SO much taller than when I had seen him last! I squeezed him to death and tried to hold back my happy tears. He is such a handsome and cool little dude.

Due to Lucas and Bubbie having tickets to a broadway show, we parted ways after dinner. I went to the West Village to the apartment Marki and Lucas were staying in. The apartment belongs to Cliff Williams, the bass player in AC/DC. The apartment was by far the nicest one I have yet to see in the city. It was classy, had a lot of open space, and was very warm. Marki and I hung out, catching up and talking about life. At 9p.m., Marki decided that she wanted to go for a walk around the village and shop a little. So, that is just what we did. When we got back to the apartment, I made myself comfortable and watched the intense Rihanna interview. I was riveted by the way she brilliantly answered everything.

The next morning, Marki's hosting boot camp started at 10a.m. Lucas and I fled with her to the studio that she was teaching in, and then parted to do our own thing. I decided to take Lucas all around NYC and show him all that I possibly could in a day. At 4p.m., Lucas and I linked up with our cousin Stevie back in the village, grabbed a slice of pizza for Luke, and then went back to midtown to meet Marki and head to dinner at Serendipity, the restaurant famous for their Frozen Hot Chocolate. I ate more than I knew I even could. I had wings, caviar in a potatoe, dim sum, fetuccini with shrimp, half of a turkey burger, fries, frozen hot chocolate, and a sundae with cake, hot fudge, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Even with all of that, I am sure I'm forgetting something. Yikes. We were a party of eleven, and had a very enjoyable time. There is nothing like a great family dinner.

After dinner, I went back to the apartment with Erin, Cliff's daughter, Marki, and Lucas. We all hung out watching TV and listening to Lucas play a few of Cliff's guitars. As time went by, Erin left, and I fell asleep on the couch. Marki must have moved me to my bed in the guest room at some point, because at 3 in the morning, that's where I was when I woke up out of a very deep sleep. As I got back into bed, I closed my eyes. I suddenly heard a noise that sounded like someone opening a window. I had no idea whether it was the sound of a heater that I had mistaken, or a regular noise for this apartment, but I got a feeling that something wasn't right. I really thought that this noise sounded like something opening, and it sounded as if it was coming from right next to me in the same room.

I laid there for another few seconds, and then jumped up from my bed and ran into the living room where one of the blinds was half-way open. In the window was the silhouette of a man standing face to face with me. I have never let out such a blood curtling scream in my life. I ran down the hall to Marki and Lucas, waking them up in a major panic. They both got out of bed fast, and after I had explained what I just experienced, Marki called the security booth in the front of the building. The security lady had seen the man who was trying to break into the apartment and said that he had told her he was "in his girlfriends place and her parents came home so he had to escape." This story did not make sense, and I still didn't understand how I would hear something opening.

The police came a lot faster than I had expected and examined the apartment. I repeated the scenario, and when they walked into the room I was sleeping in, one of the officers lifted up the blinds that had been pulled down to the bottom of the sliding door. The sliding screen door had been partially opened, and THEN I realized that the screen sliding door is what I had heard the man opening next to my head. Another officer assured me that my scream probably scared the man more than he scared me, and they soon left around 4:30a.m. CRA-ZY.

Welcome, Week Fourteen.


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  1. damn orange, sounds like a rough night... keep ur windows closed next time ay dumbass... love u, keep it orange.