Friday, November 22, 2013

Give Me Mora! Women On The Rise

I had the opportunity to reunite and mesh worlds with an old friend and fellow thespian, Nic Mora. I have known since we produced Willy Wonka x Alice in Wonderland, that she was gifted and made for the entertainment industry. It is without a doubt in my mind, her natural habitat. Not only was she one of the very first I let into my work-world on such a personal level, but having her company this past weekend was inspiring. She wanted something different, so I put my A.Sue twist in the mix by putting her in outfits I knew she'd never be caught in unless we were having a shoot in my apartment. Stay tuned for the results! In the meantime, check out Nic's NEW SITE, Give Me Mora. I'm featured in the latest segment WOMAN ON THE RISE!


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