Friday, June 24, 2011

Casual Chic

If you were to ask another person to describe my sense of style, they would most likely call it "Boho Casual". I do love casual, comfortable, but good looking clothes. I have flat feet, so don't sport heels too often. If I did, I think my outfits would be a little more dressy, since heels make everything look better.
So, I can thank my flat feet for my sense of style, but I can also thank the person who pushed in the flatform trend! Make sure you check out SoleStruck and NastyGal and look at their flatforms. had a section where they pulled casual chic looks from all of the new collections.
I chose to share my favorites, take a look:


Tommy Hilfiger

Alexander Wang (T and Alexander Wang)

Miss Sixty

No. 21


and the best for last...
Ralph Lauren for the win.


PS- Model Jon walking the Givenchy show this afternoon in Paris!
Pictures coming soon.

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  1. Anonymous25 June, 2011

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful link... Jonathan Marquez does such a good job .. congratulations my sweet and handsome nephew..
    tia is so proud of you..!
    Besitos my dear nephew <3:)))

    Tia Silvia <3 :))))