Monday, June 6, 2011

Meet the Kids

Something that I have failed to mention is that after a few months, living arrangements have changed for myself and Model Jon. Despite the reasoning, we were blessed to move into a beautiful, spacious apartment in Queens. Along with the massive amount of responsibility and team work it has taught us, it has been one of the most exciting experiences. I can honestly say that I've never been happier.

Recently, we added two new members to the family; Tatu and Tiger. They are kittens that Fashionaunta was fostering, and they were impossible to pass on adoption. It also made it easier for my family, knowing that they would still be around. I have personally never had my own animal, but I knew that it would be comforting to have other creatures that breathe in the apartment when Jon traveled over seas.

Have you ever seen the way a cat jumps at any sudden movement? Well, that was me with any creak or noise when Jon went to London for four days to shoot Givenchy's campaign.

We have the cutest of cuties, and we are loving being the parents of these kittens with different, but amazing personalities. They are yin and yang!

Fashionieceta, Model Jon, Tatu, and Tiger

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