Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No Feathers For Fashionieceta...

I've really been digging the trend of having different things in your hair. I think the reason I yearn for new things being done to my hair is simply because I rarely do anything to it.. including putting a brush through it.

My hair is kind of the one thing that keeps my west coast origin with me here on the east side. I never blow dry my hair, and have rarely dyed it. I no longer get sun, and I'm white as a ghost.

Dying Past:
7 years old- hot pink highlights in the front of my (naturally) platinum blonde bob
7 years old- then blue
15 years old- platinum blonde in front of my strawberry blonde bob that was seriously the worst move on my part- Thanks, Stevie!
19 years old- black ends that turned blue, then green, then went away in the span of a week.

A co-worker and friend of mine, Nat, got a feather in her hair. I simply adore it! So I planned to get one at the same salon Friday after work.

NOT SO MUCH after I told the boyfriend. Turns out, he isn't the biggest fan of the feather in hair trend. 

I was planning to be rebellious and put in the feather when Jon was in Europe for two weeks... So what? I'll take it out if it's THAT BAD. But now, I assume I will just admire the trend until it fades..

No funky feathers for my head.

If you are interested, but don't want them to be permanent extensions, I discovered clip-ins!

I'm interested in everyone's two cents.. so leave feedback or tweet me if you have it!


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