Monday, June 6, 2011

The Met

On Saturday, Jon and I decided to take a trip to The Metropolitan Museum of Art since I had never been. Originally, I was ecstatic to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit, but the line for that was a year long. Instead, we used our time to browse in other areas.

I was enamored by the ancient jewelry that I passed by, simply because it is so similar to what we are rocking these days. The triple finger ring, stone rings, cuffs with animal heads, it blew my mind. Personally, it hit home that history never dies. Looking at the originals was a trip!

I was uplifted when we turned into the area of the museum with paintings. Standing and looking at the intricate details of peoples work blew my mind. I value the fact that people from the past were able to put such gifts to use, making it a luxury to go and stand in front of their work hundreds of years later, analyzing and appreciating. Seeing original artwork that I had studied and remembered from elementary school nearly made me emotional.

I took many pictures, but here are a few.

Remember to appreciate history.


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