Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rolling with Us

Today has been really entertaining! Because Abby is the Media Manager and more, she helps my aunt buy placement ads in magazines for Iconix brands...and gets a lot of free lunch. At 12:30, Abby and I left to go meet Ryan, the Home Furnishings Director at House Beautiful magazine, for lunch at the Rockefeller Center. We ate at Bar 30 which was modeled as House Beautiful's Kitchen of the Year. We discussed House Beautiful magazine and gossiped over lobster rolls, and virgin strawberry daiquiri's. I didn't know that a staff member from a magazine that works on houses could be simply amazing. And immediately I understood why Abby called him her NBF: New Best Friend.

Not to make the day any cooler or anything, Abby called her roommate who works at the offices of Us Weekly magazine and Rolling Stone magazine. She asked if we could take a quick, sporadic tour, and to my luck, our wish was granted! The building was very nice. However, because their newest issue is due to come out tomorrow, the majority of staff was absent because they worked themselves until 11p.m. the night before. As I walked around there were enlarged paparazzi and red carpet pictures hung on all of the walls and even inside people's office walls. Some were old, some were new, but all of them were great. Walking through the offices, I saw more than enough Twilight spreads than I could handle. We ran into Abby's other friend, Mark, who is the Senior Staff Writer at Us Weekly. When Abby asked him to tell me the gist of his day, his response is, "Umm, I walk around, gossip with everyone, go to lunch, come back and check my Facebook status."-- Love it.

Coming back to the office, I worked on the INVITE ME folder and learned how to use a system on Tara's computer that makes everyones lives a little bit easier. At 5:30, I left work to reunite with a friend from home that came to New York to attend her first year at Eugene Lang. My cousin Geri came to meet us.

I broke off with Geri to go relax in her air conditioned apartment since this New York heat is just about unbearable. An hour later, we decided to go eat dinner. We walked across Union Square and sat down at a restaurant that was so noisy we couldn't even hear each other speak. So over her buffalo salad, and my buffalo chicken wings, we focused on the guy and girl sitting directly next to us. We were curious to know if they were on a date, so we listened for clues. The guy was over enthusiastic and acted way too interested in what the girl was saying. I looked at her, then looked at him, and noticed the awkwardness. She started talking about how her ex-boyfriend dumped her because she isn't Jewish and he replied telling her that was ridiculous and his parents don't care who he dates. And then, the winner line that answered our question from the over enthusiastic guy was, "I'm so nervous!" Nice.

The best part of their meal was when they got the check and she reached for her purse.
"No, no, I've got it!" the guy said.
The girl replied, "Are you sure?"
The guy shook his head and said "Yeah, no worries, I'll pay."
"Aw, thank you," said the girl.

The guy pulled out a $50.00 gift certificate to the restaurant and stuck it in the check holder.

Keep it classy, New York.

Until next time..

XXO- Fashionieceta.

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