Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Badgley Ishitka

Day 2: Today had a little bit of a different start. Passing Igor who was smoking his morning cigarette, I see that a woman with slicked back hair and high cheekbones is sitting in my seat. Yes, the front seat with the cup holders. Not only was she sitting in my seat, her purse was sitting in my aunt’s seat. When I kindly asked if anyone was sitting where her purse was, she huffed, grabbed her purse, shook her and and said “Never mind, whatever.” I wanted to reply “Who took a shit in your cornflakes this morning?” But instead, I said a simple “Thank you.”

In the city. First things first, run into the lobby of the building across the street, grab my aunt her two large decaf hazelnut coffee’s with skim milk, and bring them up to the 8th floor and into her office. Five minutes later, the VP of marketing asks me to go to Starbucks and grab his venti iced coffee with skim milk and a pump of caramel. Keeping it simple, love it.

I return to the 8th floor and give the VP of marketing his coffee. The one person who can always start your day off right comes to my desk; Abby. Abby is the Media Manager of Iconix, and one of the greatest people I have ever met. She is one of those rare people that can have a simple conversation but make the entire thing humorous— she always keeps me laughing. Abby is flying to Los Angeles tomorrow for a Rolling Stone event that is sponsored by Op. Abby is in charge of interviewing Elizabeth and the Catapult (an up and coming band) on the Op bus and needs to do the interview by She has not the slightest clue on how to set this up once she is in LA, so she invites me down to the 4th floor to join her in her lesson with Desa. Desa, the I.T. manager, is god. She not only knows how to use Ustream, but she has random chatchka’s on her desk. Why? Because like she says, “Everything on this desk is useful for anyone at anytime." Located at her desk are three blackberry batteries, two different blackberry chargers because there are two different types (didn't know that until now), an i-Phone charger, a camera charger, every type of pen, tissues for her supervisor every time he walks by her desk, a heavy duty tape measurer, masking tape for service people, and a cowboy boot that is filled with screws. What would Iconix do without Desa?!

Abby and I return to the eighth floor where we begin to rummage through boxes, bags, and racks of Op clothes. The purpose of the rummaging was to find clothes to send to Elizabeth and her catapult and give them options of what they could wear in their performance. Once we put their clothes aside, it was time to start prepping more Op clothes that would be gifted to people attending the Rolling Stone party.

At one o'clock, I was invited to sit in on a conference call with Abby, Tara (Senior PR Manager), and the Marketing Director, Anne-Cecilie. Joining us were Rob, from Elizabeth and The Catapult's record label, and Shelly, the marketing manager from Rolling Stone Magazine. An attempt to get Danny, a band member, was a failed attempt at the beginning of the conference call. The call consisted of going over what would happen on Thursday, the day of the party and performance. The topics discussed were when and where the band would be picked up on the Op bus, timing and questions for the interview, and going over where the bus would be, how and when the Op gifting would be distributed, and when the bus would leave. --(Abby notices Anne-Cecilie's two boxes of calcium chews in her office and points with a perplexed facial expression, of course, giving us all a laugh.) Towards what we thought was the end of the call, Danny beeps in expressing his deepest apologies. Next comes the question, "Have you guys ever heard of Jumbo Clown?" Everyone says no. "Well I'll tell you what it is... I might.. be ..saying some things.. that .. are a little.. extreme.." -- We all look at each other. "My friend told us to go because it was like a strip club. But.. they didn't strip." The four of us in the room looked at one another and instantly had a mutual understanding, and cracked up. I mean, I dont know for sure-- but the guy sounded a little lifted-- just sayin'. Because Iconix is all about giving people what they want, Abby asked Danny what they would like to drink on the bus. "Drinks...with.. or without.. alcohol?" he asks. Abby tells him it's whatever he wants. "Well, Pete likes Odwalla drinks... and I like a little cervesa."-- Done deal. The conference call ends and we all agree that was one of the most interesting conference calls yet.

Abby and I continue working on the shipments for LA until my aunt comes and tells me that she wants me to deliver a cook book to James Mischka. Yes, James MISCHKA from BADGLEY MISCHKA. I carry the book and walk one avenue up to 7th avenue and enter the building. I ask the bellman what floor Badgley Mischka is on-- 22. I get in the classic-looking elevator and look up. My heart stopped as if star struck. Without floor numbers, the company names are in white illuminated boxes in order of floor. I read names such as Ralph Lauren, Oscar De La Renta, and Lilly Pullitzer. Holy shit.

The girl at the desk when I step out of the elevator is my aunt's old assistant. She remembers me and walks me directly to Mark Badgley and James Mischka. I re-introduce myself to them and hand James his cook book. I stayed and talked-- both of them had all eyes on me, disregarding the model and dress that they were working on, and completely showing a genuine interest in what I was talking about. It was a little overwhelming, but I did my best to keep my composure. While walking out of the building, it hit me. I had just personally delivered a cook book and had a conversation with the two people who designed the dresses I wore to prom my junior and senior year. Just when I thought being lucky enough to wear a dress of theirs two years in a row to a high school prom was as good as it got, I was proven wrong. I felt on top of the world.

About an hour and a half later, Abby and I just finish getting the boxes together to ship to Los Angeles. By now it's about 5:30 pm-- Time for me to push off with my aunt and catch the train back to Glen Cove.

Until Tomorrow.

XXO- Fashionieceta.

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  1. LOVE IT!!! your great! your like the hills meets devil wears prada! keep it up! see ya next week! xo