Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Success.

It's Monday, and the office is dead, but trust me, there's no shortage of work to get done. Abby is gone on a Eurotrip, and I don't know what life is like without her. I guess I have to start paying for lunch. And Fashionaunta is in Los Angeles, working on a press shoot with Ok! Magazine featuring Kim Kardashian and Mark Badgley and James Mischka, promoting their new line "Mark & James".

I am happy and proud to say that Fashionieceta Freekend round three was a success! Geri (our favorite cousin), gave me the keys to her apartment while she went on vacation from Thursday to Sunday. Thursday night was all about me, and boy, did I love it. I roamed the streets of New York City by myself around 9:30 p.m. trying to figure out what I should eat. Pizza. All I wanted was pizza. Since when do you have to walk eight blocks to get some New York pizza?! I was simply shocked, but hey, it was obviously worth it. And with the pizza out here, walking eight blocks to get the pizza shouldn't make anyone feel bad about eating it afterwards... They earned it! The night unintentionally ended by 10:30, with me falling asleep to Chelsea Lately.

I wish I could tell you I was blessed with beautiful summer weather on Friday, but it seems as though New York just couldn't pull it together thanks to Hurricane Danny. I took advantage of the day by going around the corner to pick up a late breakfast, and lounging around in the cozy apartment by myself listening to the rain. Later, Model Jon accompanied me to Forever 21. After Forever 21, we wound up at a burger place and ordered dinner to go. While walking out of the restaurant, there were two men on the ground, fighting. The man with his back on the sidewalk was ripping the hair out of the head of the man that was on top of him. There were three girls screaming for them to stop, and everyone else just stood and watched as if they were watching WWF on television. Once again, New York keeping it classy.

Later that night, I was beyond thrilled to see one of my best friends from home, Tessa. Tessa has just arrived and moved to New York to attend Fordham College in Manhattan. Fortunately enough for me, it is yet another familiar face, and close friend from home to join me in my Fashionieceta adventures. I am continuously grateful for this and look forward to seeing what comes out of being 3,000 miles away from our homes on the opposite coast, starting a new chapter of our lives together.

I used Saturday as a day to relax and do some catching up with another friend from home, Lorin. Lorin and I grabbed lunch at a place called Elmo, which is located in Chelsea. When asking the portion size of what Lorin wanted to eat, our waiter responded, "It's not that big, it's about two bites. This is Chelsea, people want you to starve yourself." She ordered it anyway. I spent time with my other friend, the one who almost clocked two hours in Bed, Bath & Beyond, who is also located in Chelsea. Seeing him was a pleasure as always, and yet another familiar face from back home.

Later that night, I roamed Central Park, only to find Paul Van Dyk, a famous techno DJ, spinning in the middle of the park. It was a relatively small venue, and I stood behind it, listening for only a few minutes due to the fact that I was going to see District 9 twenty minutes from then. District 9 was vulgar in many ways, but somehow captivating at the same time. If it does well enough, I do believe there will be a sequel. However, I am so glad that our world is not nearly as similar to the plot in that film.

Yesterday was so great! I met up with Model Jon and his roommate Lars, and we went to Central Park and sat by an enormous fountain and watched people boat in a hidden pond that I have never seen in my eighteen years of coming to New York. It was relaxing fun. On our way to exit that portion of the park, we were stopped and intrigued by three entertainers that were getting ready to start their show. Not only were they hilarious, providing their audience with plenty of laughter, but they were also extremely talented.

We then proceeded to meet up with my other cousin, Stevie, and we all went shopping at Urban Outfitters. I have to say, I did pretty well for myself. The rest of the evening was spent having fun, playing games, and being youthful, as we should be! I must say, the freekend was QUITE a success.

Rest In Paradise Adam Goldstein.
I would like to take the time to express how grateful I am for the opportunities, guidance, and friendship Adam Goldstein provided a close family member of mine with.
My heart and condolences go out to the family and friends of Adam.

To a talented, young, and gentle soul.
May he Rest in Peace.

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  1. Thank You. Honestly, if fasionaunta never decided to work with nicole richie, my relationship with adam would never he been what it was. Send my love to the family & I will be in NY come Saturday. Love You.