Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fasionieceta Tuesday. Week 3

Walking out of the building this morning on my way to get Fashionaunta coffee, I ran into the Big Man for the first time in nearly two weeks. To my surprise he asked how the Fashionieceta was doing. I replied "It's going well!" and informed him that I saw his big picture in the New York Times on page B9.

On the way to the get Fashionaunta's coffee, I pass the same guy who works his donut and coffee stand on the corner of 41st and 7th every day. Today he greeted by taking his cell off of his ear and putting it to his chest to say "Goodmorning babe! How's it goin'?" --Whoa dude, getting a little too comfortable. Fashionieceta doesn't roll that way, sorry. When I entered the shop, the big Greek man asked me how I was doing, and I'm proud to say I no longer have to order! He now has Fashionaunta's two decaf hazelnut coffee's with skim milk ready in no time. Because Mr. Coffee Stand got so comfortable with his words, I decided to walk through the lobby today. Typically I avoid it because it's equivalent, in my opinion, to walking through the North Pole. Sitting behind the desk was a young, cute guy with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. As I walked by he smiled, and I asked him if it could possibly get a little colder in the lobby. His reply, "If you want it to." ...And Mr. Lobby gets bonus points.

My task from Abby today was to re-open 100 envelopes that had a cute Op dress located in each of them, slip a Seventeen freebie letter in them, seal the envelopes, and label them with an address. If you didn't catch on, these dresses are being sent to 100 winners of the Seventeen Magazine freebie contest.

In the middle of this, I grabbed lunch with yet another friend from home, Jon, who just arrived yesterday. He doesn't call himself a model, but "he models". He's out here going to casting calls, building a portfolio, and waiting to book a few shows in Fashion Week. I have no doubt that he'll succeed here. It was nice to have someone I'm familiar with be outside of my office in an instant to grab lunch and spend some time together in the city I am longing to call my new home. An hour flew by and it was time to go fix 80 more freebies.

Today ended early. Fashionaunta and I returned to Long Island around the time we're usually being farted on by old women on the bus home. I'm now staring out of my bedroom window at this gorgeous sunset on the Long Island sound. Be jealous.

Until tomorrow!

XXO- Fashionieceta.

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