Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hearst Attack

Today Ed Hardy came to the 8th floor to have a meeting with the big man, Mr. Cole and a few others. After the meeting, Ed himself came into the PR office where I was working on the INVITE ME folder, and introduced himself to me and Jess, another woman who works in PR.
He then ran into Abby in the halls and they started talking about tattoos due to the fact that Ed Hardy is covered in them. Ed was joined by Iconix's EVP of Business Development, Yehuda, who wears a yamacha to work. As many people know, Jewish people are not permitted to tat themselves, and clearly Yehuda is religious.
Abby to Ed, "Oh, I don't have any, but Yehudah is covered in them." Abby never fails.

At 11:30 I was lucky enough to go on a personal tour of the Hearst building with Kate, the Executive Fashion Director of Cosmopolitan Magazine. The Hearst Building is New York City's first "green" building and is breath taking( Kate went above and beyond in our tour and I was taken aback by the view from the 44th floor. We then went to the Cosmopolitan floor and met a few staff members, all of them being very kind. I stepped into the fashion closet which nearly put me out of breath with all of the glamorous clothing and shoes that resided in there. After our tour, Kate treated Abby and me to lunch in the Hearst Building's cafeteria. Now, this is not your average cafeteria. There is gourmet food being prepared on every wall, and a variety of different foods. Not to mention the killer deserts. Overall, the experience was one of a kind and working in the Hearst building seems to be a huge honor.

Back at the office after lunch I worked on the INVITE ME folder until Abby and I went to the Badgley Mischka showroom to pick out 15 dresses to be in the background of the show "The City". I wanted every single dress! I came back to the office and worked on the INVITE ME folder until it was time to leave.

The bus that fashionaunta and I take back to Long Island is one of those luxury buses with plenty of seats that are never filled. I was sitting in the second row, when an old woman sat next to me. Never in my life has anyone sat next to me on a bus so big. As bothered as I was, I didn't say a word. For two hours this woman was leaning over me talking to her two friends in the front row. I had no elbow room to read the Cosmopolitan that Kate was kind enough to give me. I was very annoyed. I saw the woman look down, puzzled, but I figured it was nothing... until I smelled it. She fucking farted.

That's it, tomorrow we're taking a limo.

Until tomorrow.

XXO- Fashionieceta.

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