Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Badgley Mischka Spring 2010 Show

The Ok! Magazine party the other night was enjoyable. It was a small venue for the amount of people that attended, but it was very nice. I spent the majority of my time with Fashionaunta, Abby, a few other people, and Cobra Starship in a small VIP corner. Aside from Kim Kardashian, who is a new editor at Ok!, Cobra Starship members were the only other "famous" people at the party. Towards the end of my night, Fashionaunta and I were guided to the opposite side of the venue. It was nearly impossible to move at a steady pace because the place was packed like a can of sardines. In the midst of our transportation, I felt liquid going on my hand and then onto my leg. I looked behind me and said "Whoa, whoa, whoa.." There was an older man behind me, and it looked like he was in his early fifties. "YEAH! THAT'S BECAUSE OF YOU!" I asked if he was kidding. "NO THIS IS YOUR FAULT!!!" The man yelled at me and gave me a deadly stare... for spilling his drink on me when he was standing behind me, squeezing to get through. Weird, but true.

Yesterday was the day I had been anticipating for six weeks. I woke up at 6:15 and prepared myself for the show. I was out of the apartment by 7:20, dropped my overnight bag off at the office at 7:50, and entering the tents at Bryant Park at 8:00 sharp. There was a whole staff helping, putting names on every seat, people fixing speakers, models getting hair and make-up done, and last minute names being put into seating charts. I had a chance to sit for a few minutes and talk until it was time to start escorting celebrities into the back of the tent and walking them to their seats.

The first person I escorted was the younger boy from Ugly Betty, Mark Indelicato and his guest, a girl that was his age. As we were walking, his publicist goes "Mark, what's with the boots?" (He was wearing combat boots with shorts.) "I'm trying something new. I'm being fashion forward," he replied. A few more steps and paparazzi jumps in front of us. He takes a few photos, we walk a little more, and right outside of the entrance are more photographers. "Mark, can you take a few pictures?" "Mark, you look great!" "Mark, over here! Mark! Mark!" And then we're in, with me leading he and his guest to their center of the runway seats.

Next, Kelly Rowland. After I had run a handful of dresses over to her hotel the day before, she came wearing her own clothes. A little disappointing, but didn't take away from the fact that she was super sweet. We talked about Fashionaunta and made small talk until I made people move out of my way, getting to her seat which was right next to Kim Kardashian. Next up was Shanae Grimes. I didn't personally escort her, but Abby and another guy from IMG did. The paparazzi went so crazy that they ran backwards into an innocent man who was just trying to grab a taxi. Shanae wasn't wearing Badgley either and claimed that it was because nothing fit her. The last person I escorted was Tamara Tunie. I really had no idea who she was, or what she was famous for. As we were walking, a member of the papz said "Hey doc!" and she said a friendly "Hello" back. Once she was in her seat, Abby called and we had figured that everyone was in and we were ready to go.

It was show time before I knew it, and I was so fortunate to be a "seat-filler" in the middle of the runway, fourth seat in from where the models started walking on the other side of the U-shaped runway. First Fashion Week, first fashion show, front row. My heart was skipping beats. The music choice for the show was perfect, the models looked great, the clothes looked even better, and I was beside myself for fifteen minutes. The show ended quickly. All I could think was, "That's it?!" Six weeks of stuffing envelopes, labeling them, twelve thousand voicemail's, another twelve thousand follow-up calls, all of that for FIFTEEN MINUTES?! I was held back in amazement. The show from beginning to end was an impeccable success, and I am so grateful to have been a part of it.

After the show, we all ended up backstage, talking amongst ourselves and taking pictures. All I wanted was oatmeal from Starbucks, so after another fifteen minutes, I borrowed Fashionaunta's flip flops and walked to Starbucks. The guy behind the counter asked for my name after I ordered my iced chai-latte. I told him my name. "Not here it's not. Your name is Lovely," he said. And my oatmeal was free. Score. "I have a venti iced chai with easy ice for Lovely," I heard as I was waiting for my drink. I couldn't help but crack up with the guy behind the counter and leave Starbucks still smiling.

I went up to the office, changed, and handed my Mark + James dress back to Abby. However, it felt more than relieving to slip on a pair of jeans and flip flops after running around in a dress and heels all morning. Abby, who's role is to play the Return Nazi, was ready to run over to the Badgley Mischka showroom to return the things that she had gathered thus far. She offered me to join her, and of course I accepted. When we went over there, Tara, Jess, the others who had helped, and the rest of the BM staff, were sitting around and talking. Racks were being brought in from the Bryant Park tents and to my surprise, a video of the show was ready to view. We all gathered around the flat screen TV with Mark and James, and watched the show that had just taken place. As everyone clapped, I took a step back in my mind to look at where I was, who I was with, and how amazing this whole opportunity was. I believe this is what they call "High on life".

A ton of food was delivered to the showroom, and we all dug in. My plate had calamari, penne alla vodka, chicken wings, and a slice of pepperoni pizza on it. The plate itself had "heart-attack" written all over it, but I finished it anyway. I was stunned at myself, but there was no doubt in my mind that it was all worth it.

The rest of the day was mellow and my energy level caught up with me faster than I had expected. I was drained, and all I longed for was pajamas and a bed. Around 7 p.m., Fashionaunta and I arrived at home, only to find my cousin DJ Steve1der and his girlfriend, Brett at the kitchen counter. It was good to see them as always, but I felt like a walking zombie and wished that I could have been a little more lively. I fell asleep on the couch at a quarter past nine watching the new series "Melrose Place". I don't remember getting into my bed, but I can assure the world that I did not receive enough sleep. But I'm not complaining, my life is Fashionieceta Fantastic.

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Until next time.

XXO- Fashionieceta.

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