Thursday, September 17, 2009

Us Freekly

Yesterday was another mellow day at work. The weather has been somewhat groggy, and seems to put everyone in a quieter mood. I moved a ton of boxes into the room where we store all of our Op merchandise that is either bought or delivered for multiple different reasons. Looking at that room, I know that I need to organize it before someone aka Abby, loses her mind. I would also love for someone to hear the 8th floor's cries about how this level of the building feels like we're working in Antarctica.

Last night, at 6 p.m., me, Fashionaunta, Marc aka Pants, and Abby the Return Nazi, were picked up by a town car outside of the office. We were driven to a party being held by Us Weekly Magazine, not too far from where the Ok! Magazine party was held two nights prior. The four of us immediately entered and headed straight to the bar. Vodka/tonic, vodka/club, vodka/ club/splash of cranberry, and a ginger ale. I'll let you do the matching.

While standing around the same area as the bar, I felt my hand pushed into someone's ass. Pants pushed my hand into the guy's butt that was standing behind me. "What? He's cute!" was Pants' reply to my "Oh my god. What are you thinking?!" Just a typical night out with Marc.

As I looked around, I saw some of the following: Christie Brinkley, The Real Housewives of NYC, Emmy Rossum, Amber Rose, Kat DeLuna, Alicia Keys, and a friend of mine who will remain anonymous. When I spotted a friend of mine who just celebrated the premiere of her new show with another friend of mine, I walked to her table. At first, she was far from friendly, almost as if she were dismissing me. The Fashionieceta will not tolerate someone who acts like their "BFF" in nights not too long before, and too cool in an exclusive party the present night. So, I turned around and started talking to Fashionaunta and Abby feeling admittedly, extremely disappointed. Seconds later, she made her way through the crowd to come and talk to me. She informed me that she was not in the mood to be at the party and started talking to me about personal things, so I knew it had nothing to do with me. However, she is also very smart to come over and meet Fashionaunta, considering she is a possible candidate for the next Op cast.

Next, Pants was using the Spy Cam to catch a glimpse of Alicia Keys, who was wearing one of the most killer bracelets I have ever laid eyes on. All of a sudden a big man (A big man, not The Big Man), came out of nowhere and threatened to take the camera away as if the three of us were back in grade school. Pants just "okay's" the beast while Fashionaunta is assuring the beast that he would never touch her camera. Pants handed the camera to Fashionaunta, and I took the camera, slipped it into my back pocket, and moved over to talk to Abby and her friend Asher as if I had been talking to them for five minutes and we were in the middle of a completely separate conversation. Nothing was deleted.

Our whole party decided to walk upstairs due to the fact that it was getting over crowded on the bottom level and we were about to get a referral and spanking from Mr. Alicia Keys. Our best friends from the Ok! party two nights before were there... Cobra Starship! This time, there was one extra band member that we had not met the first time we all mingled. The newest member was Gabe, the lead singer. We all talked amongst ourselves until it was time for Fashionaunta and I to leave. Just a typical night in the world of the Fashionieceta. No one's complaining.

Today, I was chosen to model three Op outfits that are being sent to STAR. At first, it was a little awkward. but I got used to it and look forward to seeing where these pictures end up and how they look! Apparently they're going to end up online. Next, I did little tasks for people around the office. Some of them consist of ideas still in the making for Starter that can't be revealed, but I can assure you they are fantastic.

Next, Abby the Return Nazi called me over to the Badgley Mischka showroom. I was sent to an office, that coincidentally is the same building that Geri works in, to go pick up all of the dresses and jewelry that Shanae Grimes didn't wear to our show. I arrived back at the Badgley showroom only to find out that Kara Dioguardi's dresses are nowhere to be found. I just want to warn whoever has possession of those dresses and bless their souls for when Abby gets to them. When I got back to my desk, it was only moments before I heard "WHOA!" from Coco, the only male voice on the floor at the time, and then a thump. Coco had successfully fallen off of his chair. Forwards. I don't really know how this happens to a grown man, but boy, did I need that laugh. Thanks, Coco.

Abby and I have another event to attend tonight at the Hearst building to view the season finale of Project Runway in their private theatre. I am really loving the Fashionieceta life.

Until tomorrow!

XXO- Fashionieceta.

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