Monday, September 14, 2009

Badgley, Betty, & Beyond

Yesterday was Sunday, and I came to work! I really didn't mind due to the fact that I love my job, but after calling five pages of people with their seating assignments I never wanted to touch a phone to my ear again. It was Tara, Jess, Abby, Sing, a friend of Jess' that's here to help with the show, and me. We called and called. The upside was that we were treated to lunch that was beyond delicious. I went home exhausted, had some chinese food, and saw that narcissistic asshole, Kanye West, ruin Taylor Swift's amazing moment.

Not only has today been a b-e-a-utiful day, but it has been a busy one. The show is tomorrow, but surprisingly I haven't had to help PR at all. I came to the office at a quarter to ten, sent out a few e-mails to tell people their seating assignments, and one phone call. The show is TOMORROW. It's surreal to think back and see the progress that has been made in six weeks. It went by so incredibly fast. I met Abby at the Badgley Mischka showroom, where she was picking out dresses for Paula Abdul. When she was done, I took the dresses, hopped in a cab, and went to the Tribeca Grand Hotel to drop off the dresses to the room where Paula's alias name is "Betty Crocker." I wish I were kidding. When I returned to the office, it was no time before I snagged Kelly Rowland's dresses and transported them to the W Hotel, where she was staying, under her real name. I came back only to find out that Betty Crocker hated her dresses. Ugh.

I lunched with Sing in Bryant Park which was packed with people attending shows, playing botchi ball, and lunching themselves. When I returned, I was sent to go pick up and ice cream cake for Sutton, Fashionaunta's new assistant. The cake was in celebration of her 25th birthday. On the way back into the building, I was looking down holding the cake, and both of the elevator doors slammed into each of my shoulders! I was subway crunched for the first time and it was a lot more painful than one would think. Immediately after putting the cake in the 4th floor freezer, I ran back to the Badgley Mischka showroom. In the showroom was Abby and Betty Crocker's stylist. After they had picked out another ten dresses for her to choose from, I picked out a dress that the Badgley staff is allowing me to wear to tomorrow's fashion show. I'm really excited about wearing the dress. I'm excited because it's very cute, and it's from the new Mark + James line that hasn't even launched yet!

It was back to the office for cake and to wish Sutton a Happy Birthday. Before the cake was even cut, Abby hung over my desk. "Okay, it's time!" I left to shoot back to Tribeca and deliver the new ten dresses. I walked up to the front desk of the hotel for the second time today, and when the man behind the desk asked who the delivery was for, I replied, "Betty Crocker". We shared a laugh and a mutual understanding.

Tonight, I'm attending an Ok! Magazine party at The Griffin, with Fashionaunta. I'm very excited to attend, and also the fact that Fashionaunta is back at Iconix!

I would also like to congratulate Model Jon, who has become a very good friend of mine in such little time, for booking four shows in New York Fashion Week. I am simply thrilled and wish him the best on his Michael Bastian show, where he'll be walking out second tonight! In the Fashionieceta world, we like to call something like that "kinda a big deal".

Tomorrow's the big day! I'm Fashionieceta Freak-ing.

XXO- Fashionieceta.

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